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ATN Mars6x Gen.2+ Night Vision Weapon scopes CGT, HPT, WPT
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of ATN Mars6x Gen.2+ Night Vision Weapon scopes CGT, HPT, WPT

It has been a little over a year, and I feel like I should update my review.

I am updating my review, as I prepare to buy my second version of this scope. Since I bought this scope, I have become a semi professional hog killer in Texas. In other words, this scope has become a hobby.

There are a few things no one told me, that I think buyers should know.

1) Be careful with the rubber eye cup. It falls off, fortunatley, ATN will send you another, and its not a lot. Just keep an eye on it, as you can knock it off, and the only time you use this scope is, of course, in the dark. It doesn't fall off without effort, but lifting it through brush etc. can pull it off.

2) Be especially careful when you plug the remote in. This is the only real design flaw in my opinion. The pins are too small, and too close together. Note to designers - folks use these things in the dark.

3) The focal length of this scope is not much. In other words, you have to focus depending on how far away your target is. If its withing 20 feet, you can't see it. Carry a flashlight and shotgun with you for close up critters. Otherwise, get used to the focus knob. It is easy to use, and is rock solid.

4) I use a fully automatic (M16) on hogs. Sometimes the scope shuts off. I think I over stress it. Just shut it off, and turn it back on, and it works again.

5) Keep the lens cover on it, all the time. Light hitting it, even when the scope is off, can damage it. A friend left a gen 3 in the sun, and it toasted it.

To me, I can't imagine a better product for varmits and hogs. I can't see spending anymore. I do recommend 6X, and I wish they had even higher avaialable. I have 400 hours of use easy, and its still perfect.
Pros: Varmits don't have a chance.
Cons: Remote plug eventually breaks, sometimes the scope needs to be "rebooted", its heavy. eye cup come off too easy

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