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ATN ThOR 320 1x Enhanced Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of ATN ThOR 320 1x Enhanced Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

Truly my absolute favorite toy, of all my toys. I researched religiously all of the options in night vision, thermal, day optic mountable, full optic replacement, and everything in between.

The bottom line, is with a thermal scope of this caliber on the market, I can't even imagine entertaining night vision. Thermal provides an unbelievable amount of additional detail, and versatility over night vision. Honestly, once I became educated on the two, to include battle advice from special operations soldiers, it wasn't even close.

With night vision, you are required to have a light source of some kind. They absolutely will NOT work in pitch black environments. Not to mention you can't see whats behind an object, and it can be easy to lose detail.
Thermal provides such remarkable clarity, that I literally can see the FOOTSTEPS, yes you read that correctly, the FOOTSTEPS of an individual. Can you even imagine the tactical advantage over your zombie attacker? Zombie breaks into your home, and rather than grab a firearm with a light, and reveal your position. You remain completely undetected, in the dark, with your ATN THOR 60hz, weapon mounted (in my case to my LWRC M6A2 Short Barreled Rifle w/ AAC SDN-6 multi-caliber suppressor). You remain in a tactically advantageous position, utilizing one of the several optically appealing displays (I love the white hot and black hot displays). Looking through the THOR is like watching a movie, as your able to track the zombie's direction, from it's footprints of which you wouldn't be able to see, had you purchased night vision! Not mention, their is no tiny glowing red bulb identifying your position from the IR on the night vision. Your able to remain completely undetected, and possess a position of ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE. You take the zombie out, and go back to bed. I honestly can't imagine a better option.

Outside of the zombie comparison. I truly feel much safer on the home protection front, having an optic that gives me such an overwhelming tactical advantage. The optic is perfect for close quarters combat, and personally I think the liability to too high to use thermal in civilian applications. I feel the same way about night vision. ATN really knocked this one out of the park, and past the cars in the dang parking lot. It is a remarkable thermal scope, and I would buy it all over again.

Pros: TOO MANY TO LIST...Provides true clear detail in pitch black, you can even see FOOTPRINTS from the "bad guy" or the animal
Cons: Zeroing reticle requires creative thinking, requires a riser to comfortably look through scope.

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