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Barska 3-9x42mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Sniper Rifle Scope
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Barska 3-9x42mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Sniper Rifle Scope

First of all, I AM NOT A REP FOR BARSKA. I was actually a little pissed off I bought this scope, but now I love it.
Second, all of these reviews are 100% on point.
Third, I will examine how you can fix what some of these posts hate, although you may still hate it.
fourth, I immediately bought 3rd party accessories to accommodate (what in my mind) is where its cheap price point kicks in.

I had to buy larger (higher rise) scope mount rings to be able to fit this on. I also wanted other rings because the rings that the scope comes with are technically "weaver" style, and "technically" don't have the potential to hold as tight as "mil spec picatinny" do. So I bought hard core high-rise 1" $60 scope rings.
Now I am about to purchase another riser ($25) for the scope BECAUSE i am currently looking right into my front sight(gas block too) so i don't have the clearest image possible. This riser is picatinny on picatinny riser that you can see through to your front sight (so hollow in the middle for the whole length of the riser).
Sighting this thing in is a REAL pain. There's a locking ring around each adjustment knob (elevation & windage). There are also allen-wrench screws in the top of each adjustment knob. I tightened the locking ring & the allen-wrench screws because I saw "DAPSTER"'s review. This made it so the reticle had no chance of moving HOWEVER i think i over tightened it SO now on the elevation knob, you cannot use the allen-wrnech screw to adjust the knob any clicks if the locking ring is in place because it keeps tightening/loosening unlike the widage which will adjust the rotation(click) of the knob even when the locking ring is in place
that might be hard to understand, but its a pain when zeroing the scope.
also, i was just at Front Sight where it started raining one morning. I kid you not, it was 2 hours maximum of rainfall, and the screws have rusted already (cheap parts???)
it was certainly a blessing to have a scope for this price, but it comes with tough love.
when the reticle is switched to "on" for either green or red, you can see a glowing red or green circle around the inside body of the scope(more and more for each brightness level [5 each color]). i bet this would be annoying if your use to better optics, but im new to them and it didnt bug me too much...
Where this "3-11Xzoom" scope FAILS, and I mean becomes absolutely useless, is when you are using anything but 3Xzoom. I have bad enough eyes, and i don't need a scope making it any harder to see. I can't make anything out when im zoomed in all the way, it's manigable halfway, but crystal clear when left at 3Xzoom???? did Barska forget to include one last vocal point adjustment on their scope? I THINK SO....

I won't buy another one, but i can still hit one inch groups on bullseye anytime i get it zeroed (took 300 rounds last time [the adjustment knobs are their own adventure in themselves])
Pros: Price & normal (non-illuminated) Reticle
Cons: blurry zoom, no adjustment for range/focus. illuminating reticle

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