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Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe
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I would expect more

by Legacy Reviewer, Written on January 31, 2014
Safe bottom isn't properly shaped, it doesn't stand still if not bolted.
Safe interiors are crappy thin adhesives, not everywhere placed correctly (in some places they don't even stick to the metal and you can see bumps)
Once unpacked it was missing pieces(nut) and one shelf isn't fixed from one side (bolt was there)
Steel is very thin.
Door closes badly because one of the locking bolt doesn't retract properly.
Bad design: if you put a gun in the gun holder on the door the door doesn't close unless it's a subcompact gun. A PX4, for example, doesn't let the door close.
Fingerprint recognition forks one time out of three usually.

Cheap china made, china quality safe.
not worth the money at all.
Pros: Can't find a pro. I wish I could return it but I already paid customs taxes on it and returning is more expensive than buying a new one.
Cons: Cheaply built, badly designed, poor quality materials....
Would recommend: No
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Should have gotten a keycode larger safe.

by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, WV Written on October 14, 2013
I've been waiting months to get one of these. Finally got it last night, and promptly installed it in the closet so I could FINALLY leave my defensive weapons loaded.

First off, the build quality is atrocious. These are made in CHINA, and it shows. The item arrived with 3 paint chips, and the weld seams are very porous. I swear it looks like it is made of pot metal.

It comes with a two pistol adjustable rack in the door (nice bonus), but the door is so absurdly narrow that full size pistols don't fit! I was able to fit one FS to the inside and a compact to the outside, but the FS clears by about a millimeter if you open/close slowly.

For now I have three pistols and a shotgun (defensive barrel) in there. I have a few more rifles to add later. The bottom shelf is in the way of using the rifle rack. The shotgun barely clears the lower top shelf (there are two up there). A standard rifle would not fit without removing the shelves it seems. I have not looked into whether the shelves are adjustable yet. One other note is that the door simply does not open wide enough. The thickness of the door is still obstructing the opening when wide open. It makes it even more awkward to get a rifle or shotgun out of the safe than it already is.

Now for the good: the biometrics work very well.I programmed 6 fingers each for me and my wife, and all work great. fingers that aren't programmed. The door does have ample locking bolts and is quite secure from "quick and dirty" prying.

Would recommend: No
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