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Beamshot Compact Green Laser and Tactical Flashlight Combo GB9000G is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Beamshot Compact Green Laser and Tactical Flashlight Combo GB9000G and other Laser Sights by Beamshot.

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Author: oldman Al {!} , Retired , from Franklin,Wi on Dec 22, 2010
Pros:  Bright light and bright laser
Cons:  Just about everything else
Would recommend:  no

oldman Al wrote:

I originally ordered the GB9000G in June 2010.I was told "They are being retooled to improve the battery life".I ordered again in Nov.2010 after contacting Beamshot to see if they were shipping new models with a "new LED power indicator that lets you track remaing power for the light and laser".When my new model arrived,there was NO LED INDICATOR.The enclosed instructions said,"When the battery is low only the laser works(not the flashlite)this means the battery needs to be recharged."I tried E-mailing and calling Beamshot customer service.They DO NOT answer E-mails or voicemails.I finally got thru to their central/midwest sales rep.who was very helpfull.He informed me that after talking to his people in Tiawan ,there is NO LED indicator.He said I could return the GB9000.I really liked the bright light and laser and I thought I would give this light a little test to see if it lived up to the rest of their claims (1.5 hrs.light only,5 hrs.green laser)I charged the battery 1 hr. per instructions,turned on the light only.It lasted 37min.(right before the light went out a tiny red LED light flashed at the same time the light went out)Turned on the laser after the light went out and the laser stayed on 1 min.Charged battery for 2hrs. same test same results.Charged battery again and tried laser & light at same time.(27min both were out.)The GB9000 looks like it is well constructed,comes in a very nice plastic case(that wreaks of mildew when opened)Has a very bright light and laser,comes with a nice rubber cover(although you must use some type of a blunt stick to get the flaps for the charging port cover and windage/elevation plugs closed)I could actually live with this thing if it had BETTER BATTERY LIFE.There is NO WARNING or dimming of the light before it goes out.It,s just BAM! and it,s out.Why the red LED (which I found to the left of the charging port & right above the left light switch)flashed before the light went out is a mystery to me,I think the light going out is the only indicator I needed.I also tried letting the unit sit for awhile after the light went out in only 37min.,thinking maybe the unit shut down because it was over heated.NO LUCK battery was dead.

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