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BlackHawk CQC SERPA Holster Matte Finish w/Beltloop and Paddle
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of BlackHawk CQC SERPA Holster Matte Finish w/Beltloop and Paddle

I bought this holster for my Sig P229, and it works perfectly. Blackhawk products in my experience are generally reliable and a good overall value. In the case of this holster, the manufacturer might assume too much about the customers knowledge, because the instructions for setting up the holster for paddle carry are unclear, and the small photographs on the blister card might be too easily misinterpreted. There is also an extra piece of plastic that is a square with a hook at one corner. Molded into the plastic square is the model number of the pistol the holster is supposed to fit. The square is made of the same material as the holster. A Google search revealed that the purpose of the plastic square is to retain the shape of the holster in its blister packaging; it can be discarded.
Taking the time to set up the holster properly will yield the reward of having what many believe to be a near perfect holster. There are those who claim Blackhawks SERPA holsters are dangerous, but almost any product can be dangerous if misused. Proper trigger discipline would have the shooter point his trigger finger straight to keep it outside of the trigger guard until hes ready to shoot. Gripping the holstered pistol with a straight index finger pressing the holsters release button will result in a proper, safe grip when the pistol is drawn from the holster. Curling the index finger to press the release button can result in its entering the trigger guard when the pistol is lifted from the holster and an accidental discharge if the pistol is of a type customarily carried in a condition that would permit such a thing. Practice is recommended! I adjusted the holsters passive retention screw so that the pistol is retained by friction even when the active-retention button is pressed, which would allow the holster to function if for some reason the active retention mechanism were to malfunction. Adjusted this way, the holster retains the pistol very well until I draw on purpose. In short, this holster is exactly what I wanted and performs flawlessly.

Pros: Quality, functionality, value
Cons: inferior instructions

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