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BlackHawk 4103 CQC Pistol Belts
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of BlackHawk 4103 CQC Pistol Belts

A few months ago I bought three of the Blackhawk CQC leather pistol belts. The belts themselves have been ok, but the Chinese supplier that makes these belts for Blackhawk uses chicago screws that are so short that only about one thread actually screws together. The result is that these screws constantly come loose and often fall out. I try to tighten the screws every time I wear one of these belts but the screws still come loose and fall out. About a month ago, I went to put on one of these belts and found that BOTH screws had come loose and fallen out. I found both halves of one screw but only one half of the other chicago screw. I decided to contact Blackhawk customer service to see how I could order a replacement screw.
First I tried the customer service email address given on their website. After two weeks I still had no response, not even an acknowledgement.
So then I tried their phone line. I spoke with a very nice young lady who said she would mail me a couple of the chicago screws. I guess she did, because a few days later I received an envelope with a Blackhawk return address. Unfortunately the envelope was ALL that I received because apparently she had dropped the screws into an ordinary letter envelope and mailed it. Needless to say, the screws ripped through the envelope and are probably jamming the letter sorter machine in some post office by now.
Then I called Blackhawk customer service again. This time I spoke with a young man who agreed that a regular letter envelope was not the proper way to mail a chicago screw. He had me hold while he checked then he came back and said that he had some screws that he would put in a box and mail to me. A few days later I got a small box with three screws in it. All three screws were the male half of a chicago screw. At first I thought this would be ok because it was a male half that I was missing. BUT when I tried to put one of the screws in, I discovered that they were not the same as the chicago screws on the belt. If he had sent me both halves of one screw I would have been able to use it but the halves that he did send would not screw into the half that I still had.
I called Blackhawk customer service again. This time I talked with Vikki Albeser. Like both the people I had talked to before, she was very nice. Again I was put on hold, but when she came back she told me that they didn't have any chicago screws available and were no longer using the supplier who had made my Blackhawk belts. She said she would check some more and would call me back. When she called back, she offered to replace the belt but said they didn't have the exact style. I said that would be fine so long as it was the 1.25" width in black. She said I would get an automatic confirmation invoice but not to worry about the invoice because the replacement belt would not cost me anything. A few minutes later I got the confirmation invoice at my email. The invoice was for more than I had paid for my belt and showed that the belt was coming by UPS ground.
A week later I still don't have any belt, but I just got another Invoice from Blackhawk still wanting $37.09 for the replacement belt.

Pros: looks good - at first

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