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Boker USA Damascus Stainless Straight Razor
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Boker USA Damascus Stainless Straight Razor

Guys at Optics Planet - go figure - offer a great price on this product but really neither expertise nor support. This is an outstanding razor, wanted a Theirs Issard Damascus but none available in Damascus, 5 or 6/8s and round. That stated the Bokers are incredibly well made with good edge from factory in contrast to TI which are truly rough as delivered. While I would have liked the balance and feel in the hand TI offers, this is so good and of such quality and value, I am also purchasing a second.

I am NOT a razor hobbyist nor collector but rather a guy tired of throwing away money on overpriced electric razors and disposable way overpriced cartridges. So not a professional honer. Be sure to send this or any razor out to a pro like Straight Edge Designs or others for edge honing as Damascus is a pain to get right but holds well thereafter. Also, I use electrical tape on spine any time I even strop this let alone touch up edge. Damascus pattern will polish up on spine if you don't and that is stupid on such an expensive heirloom piece.

Have been told Damascus steel is a little dead compared to regular carbon so bear that in mind. I had been away from straight edges for about 25 years and caught on in about week to 10 days. Really found it to be without feedback the first few days and blamed the razor but reality was my impatience and lack of attention to detail. Quality brush and shave soap is critical as is face prep to those tired of playing the corp marketing game with other razor styles.

Definitely worth it and wish I had never left wet shaving with straight razor. Better shaves and no irritation - good luck and HIGHLY recommended.
Pros: Incredible Build Quality and Quality Control
Cons: MUST send out to expert to final hone edge

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