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RID3-IR Brite Strike IR Tactical Balls - Tactical Disorientation Device is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Brite Strike IR Tactical Balls - Tactical Disorientation Device and other Night Vision Accessories by Brite Strike Technologies.

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5.0 / 5
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Brite Strike IR Tactical Balls - Tactical Disorientation Device Reviews - Reviews from 1 to 1 out of 1

A very unique and innovative product

Product Ratings:
Overall rating:
5 / 5
Easy To Set Up:5 / 5
Features:5 / 5
Meets expectations:5 / 5
Usability:5 / 5
Value for your money:5 / 5

Author: 5252 (verified customer) , Security Specialist, from Dallas Texas on Nov 18, 2010
Pros:  Waterproof - built strong- light completely invisible no red glow to the naked eye
Cons:  No Drawbacks they work exactly as described
Would recommend:  yes

5252 wrote:

First off OP and Brite Strike have A+ customer service and excellent products. I'm using these tactical balls as visual alarms with my IR PTZ CAMERA. I place these waterproof IR lights "ON" and covered with a piece of paper, enough to block the IR light from my camera(s) then I attach a fine thread line to a door, gate or run a trip wire. When the fine thread is pulled, the light is uncovered and shows up like a bright flashlight on my monitor (when the line is tripped you cannot even feel the pull since it simply moves a light weight 3" diameter piece of paper) then my DVR detects the pixel changes and alerts me, aside from the monitor showing a bright light on the screen, but the person who tripped the light cannot see that he has been exposed. Nobody I have challenged has been able to get past this set up without knowing how it's set up. No system is 100% of course but this works well for me and the cost, effort to set up and sophistication is very low. No REAL catches yet but we will ...
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