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Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight

So I purchased this sight on feb 2, 2014. When I got the sight I placed it on my weapon and went to the range. On the first range trip I fired 72 rounds. Was able to sight it in with about 11 rounds. Expected new out the box. So I was very happy with it and was excited, I planned on ordering a second one. so I went to the range this past Saturday to have a range date with the wife. Well, after firing a few different weapons we turned to the AR15. She fired 2 mags and I had fired 1. The 4th mag I was going to use on the 70 yard target to see how well the sight did at greater range. Fired the first shot and the reticle disappeared. So confused i started to mess with it and it came back on. Fired the second shot, it turned off again. Finally it quit working properly all together. The brightness settings are 1-7 with no selections in between the numbers. Well 3-6 stopped working. If I wanted to put it on level 5 setting, I had to put it in between 5 and 6. Which isnt a selection to begin with. Only used it twice and only had it for 3 weeks. 162 rounds killed this sight. No rapid fire, no double taps, and carried in a reinforce carring case with memory foam. Each shot fired had atleast 1 second in between each shot (range rules). So call and Had one guy at optics planet told me they wouldnt take it back because I didnt keep the manufacturer packaging, which you have to destroy to get the sight out lol. I contacted a supervisor and that guy was completely wrong. Once I got someone that knew their job, i was taken care of and I feel like they are going to make this right. Had 3 choices, 1) exchange it for another one just like it. 2) refund 3) exchange for a different product of equal value. Well I really loved that reflex sight and I hope the second one isnt faulty. If you used this sight once you would understand why I chose to replace it. Guessing it was just a faulty sight I still recommend it. Anything you buy can have a risk of malfunction no matter the brand or price. Thus is why they have lemon laws for new cars, warranties, and 30 day return policies. So im not blaming browning. Now if the second one fails, im gonna raise hell. You guys will know immediately if it fails....... trust me lol.
Pros: looks great
Cons: malfunctioned after 3 weeks and only used twice

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