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Brunton International Pocket Transit Professional Compasses
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Brunton International Pocket Transit Professional Compasses

Brunton transit compasses are by far the most expensive on the market and so you would expect that they would be well thought out, well designed and well made. Unfortunately, they don't tick any of these boxes.

On the 5006LM model, the round level is not attached to inclinometer plate along with the long level, as it is with the 5008 model. It is tucked away under the graduated ring where you can only see half the bubble. Why do this when they have a perfectly satisfactory design in the 5008 model?

The peep sight on the end of the large sight will not turn through a full 90 degrees, so when you fold out the large sight parallel to the compass to take azimuth sightings, you have to squint through the sighting hole at an angle. I can see no technical advantage in not allowing the peep-sight to turn through 90 degrees - so why design it that way?

The graduated ring has the scale in white on a black background. The inside of the compass is basically black with the inclinometer scales in white. The North end of the compass needle is white, which shows up just fine against the generally black background. But the South end of the compass needle is black, so when you need to use the South end of the compass needle to take readings, you cannot see it against the black background! How insane is that?

You can have the compass in any colour you like - so long as it is light grey. C'mon guys, lets have some imagination here....

And you know, the build quality is not that great. If this was a $40 compass made in China, it would meet expectations. But a $400 compass made in the USA? Nah, it is not worth the money!
Pros: Light
Cons: Poor design, poorly made, overpriced

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