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BSA Optics Spectre Series Spotting Scope 20-60 X 60mm w/ Tripod is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase BSA Optics Spectre Series Spotting Scope 20-60 X 60mm w/ Tripod and other Spotting Scopes by BSA Optics.

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BSA 20x60x60mm bk4 spotter scope

Product Ratings
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5 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5 / 5
Features 5 / 5
Meets expectations 5 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
Value for your money 5 / 5

Author: Big Al , retire military and law enforcement, pistol and match rifle enthusiast, from Palm Bay FL on Mar 3, 2011
Pros:  good resolution to 200 yds/good for prone shooting/sturdy/inexpensive
Cons:  eye piece is a bit stiff
Would recommend:  yes

Big Al wrote:

I took it to the range and I could see 30 cal holes easily at 200 yds. 22 cal hole a bit more difficult but it is doable depending on how well targets reflect light back. At 100 yds the resolution is perfect. Further than 200 yds is very useful to tell mirage. For 50 to 100 yds smallbore shooting is perfect. The BK4 prism helps the resolution, specially on a 60mm instrument. I bought it because it is a good compromise in resolution, light gathering and handing since it not a big scope. It does feel sturdy with just enough weight. I like scopes that are compact but with mass. The rubber coating is excellent and the dark green color is discreet and appealling. I mount the instrument on either a regular tripod or on a heavy scope stand of the type used for high power rifle competition for proper balance and staediness. I cannot under the reviews that downgrade a spotter scope based on the table tripod included with it; just get a sturdy tripod and evaluate the instrument not the included tripd; doing otherwise is just ignorant and incompetent. I evaluated this instrument with other of its class and not against and instrument priced 20 times more since it like apples and oranges. The only glitch I found was with the eye piece that was smooth from 20x to 40x and would not go beyond that point. If you enconter this problem, do not force the eye piece; simple exert a bit of UPWARD pressure on the eye piece while turning it and it will go to 60X. Like all scopes, it gather less light and looses resolution the higher it goes in power but in bright daylight it is not a problem, I found that 40x is a good middle point in brightness and resolution at 200yds and if you are long range shooter less power if fine to check mirage. This instrument performs very well, it is fairly inexpensive, very transportable, easy to set up and against others of its class, it is very competitive. Be realistic and do not expect a $100.00 scope to have the same resolution of a Swarovski or a ZEISS that cost 30x more and even that level of instrument has limitations (but if you can afford them, why not? This instrument will satisfy 99% of all shooters, the other 1% are those long range shooters that own specialized and extremely expensive competition rifles.

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