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Burris XTS-2575 Xtreme Tactical Cassegrain 25-75x70mm Spotting Scope 300101
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Burris XTS-2575 Xtreme Tactical Cassegrain 25-75x70mm Spotting Scope 300101

The only thing xtreme about this product is my level of disappointment.

I was really excited to use this product for long distance range shooting and I spent 80% of my time trying to get this product to it's job. It's optical and mechanical engineering is Flea Market quality. The few negative reviews on optics planet are absolutely spot on. The positive review must be for some other product other than this one. I'll elaborate...

1. The Zoom Function
The zoom adjustment is the eye piece and it INCREDIBLY hard to turn. Not in a broken way, in a really tightly packed greased bearing kind of way. Quickly acquiring a target by zooming in is impossible. When you have the scope kinda in focus (I say kinda because it never is really in focus) and you slowly zoom from 25x-75x it falls out of focus. so you have to then refocus at 75x and you lose your target.

2. The Focus Knob:
Is amazingly bad. it will come close to being in focus but you'll be lucky if you get close. The focus only has has one adjustment and thats is COURSE. No finesse or fine tuning. You WILL over-travel while focusing and reversing direction sends it way out of focus. you have to do a rocking motion on the knob to get close. Which in the same manner that the zoom knob... it is pretty stiff. Referencing the point (1.) One above, once you start your zoom in....the focus dance you just did has to be done all over again.

3. Color
Very washed out. Not rich or deep. So if you have to discern between like colors....forget it.

In closing, this is an unacceptable product. Should anyone actually use this in a Tactical scenario as implied in the name, leave in in your pack because your rifle scope of any power will be more useful than this "spotting scope".
Pros: looks cool
Cons: is unusable

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