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Burris FastFire II Red-Dot Reflex Sight w/ 4 MOA Dot Reticle
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Burris FastFire II Red-Dot Reflex Sight w/ 4 MOA Dot Reticle

About the Reviewer. I have been in the Army for 13 years and 12 spent as a Sniper, Spotter, Senior Scout Observer or Sniper section leader. I have deployed 4 times to ether Iraq or Afghanistan. I am not the most knowledgeable person in the world but I have got the chance to use multiple red dot sights in a variety of environments and situations. The following is just my observations and my opinion.
First and foremost I have to say great job to Optics Planet. I have now ordered two Burris FastFire Red Dot Reflex Sights from them and received both in three days with no issues. I installed my first one on a Springfield XD Sub-Compact using the proper mount no issues. Before I went to the range I did a couple hundred practice presentations in my home (after proper clearing/safety procedures). I started with the same issue others had. I could not locate the red dot upon full presentation and when I did it was not quick enough for any "real world" situation. This all changed after about 100 presentations and finding my "sweet spot". Hint: more times than not if you are having trouble finding the "dot" lower the barrel until the front sight post disappears. After I felt comfortable finding the red dot upon presentation I went to the range to see how well it worked or failed to work.
Sighting in at 25 YRDs took 9 shots. I did not use the MOA wheel because frankly I could not figure the darn thing out. Hint: if you move the elevation/windage screw 1/4 turn it will move the strike of the round about 2". After I zeroed it I shot about 400 rounds of cheap wolf (WPA) ammo rested, unsupported, slow fire, rapid fire ect... the sight did not budge, crack or anything. I am a average handgun shooter and was able to keep 10 rounds in a 1 1/2" group almost every time at 25 Yards with a 3" barrel XD. This I promise I could not do with open sights.
On the range I did notice that the red dot was a little brighter than need be for target shooting but just right for combat applications. I put tape over the sensor and this did fix this issue but when I took it outdoors with the tape on the red dot became too dull to see with any confidence.
Overall this sight is not a Eotech or a M68 ect.... but it is 1/8 there size and fits on even a sub-compact handgun without looking out of place. It will take a lot of punishment from being mounted on a slide. Once you figure it out it is faster than "normal" handgun sights. The zero stays true and the battery last a long time. I would have no issues putting this sight on a ACOG as a backup sight overseas or putting it on 92FS even though we all know this is pointless because in all my tours I have never seen anyone shoot there handgun at the enemy.
I am no expert and this is not a full blown review, just a few reasons why I personally like this sight.

Pros: Ease of set-up and zero, Small size, durability

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