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Bushnell TRS-25 Trophy Series Red Dot Sight - 1x25
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Bushnell TRS-25 Trophy Series Red Dot Sight - 1x25

I have shot many red dots and I have seen quality and garbage. I must admit, for the price, this is a top notch red dot sight. Before I begin I will go ahead and stress that the TRS-25 DOES NOT equal the quality that you get from the Aimpoint T-1 Micro. The T-1 is extremely rugged and its red dot is the most defined of any mini red dot I have shot. However, the T-1 is $500+. The TRS-25 is less than $100. I'll stop there with the comparison between the two. On with the review. I purchased the TRS-25 for my SKS for the purpose of shooting targets 150 meters and closer, as well as hunting when the opportunity presents itself. The TRS-25 at first glance seems very well constructed and doesn't feel cheap. The red dot is very well defined, and has optimal brightness modes for both dim and bright light environments. You don't get much other than the sight itself, no riser options or a 2x magnifier that some red dots (Vortex SPARC) provides. Once again however, the TRS is less than $100. SPARC is $199. If you just want the red dot, that's what you get. Installation was easy. The sight fits well on a picatanny rail and the provided allen wrench does it's job making the TRS snug on the rail. The brightness knob is nice and sturdy and will not move when jostled around, ensuring that your preferred brightness setting remains selected. Upon zeroing the optic, I found that the process was extremely simple. The windage and elevation knobs respond with a definite clicking sound when turned, providing feedback that the red dot is being adjusted. After 12 round through my SKS, I was very confident in my 200m zero. I then set up targets ranging from 50 to 150 meters and engaged them in various reflexive fire drills. I was immediately impressed how quickly I was able to acquire the various targets that I set up. I hit every target every time. After having some fun I went back and shot another group on my zero paper to see if any changes appeared in my zero after 200+ rounds. I was happy that I saw no change, especially since the 7.62x39 round does have some significant recoil compared to the 5.56x45 round that I am accustomed to firing. I have shot about 300+ round since that day and the TRS-25 still impresses me with it's ease of use, red dot quality, and quick target acquisition. You may not get many of bells and whistles with this sight, but for less than $100 you get a sight that will impress you. If you just enjoy shooting or may want to use this for hunting game inside of 150 meters, get this sight. I love it.
Pros: Price, User Friendly, Holds Zero.
Cons: Features

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