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Bushnell TRS-25 Trophy Series Red Dot Sight - 1x25
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Valueseeker's Review of Bushnell TRS-25 Trophy Series Red Dot Sight - 1x25

I have had this product for well over a year and have done a lot of testing on it. I don't write many reviews but I think there are many reviews out there that are misleading on this product.

As you can tell the reviews for this product ranges from amazing to horrible. So what is it? Simply stated; it is a good product for the 'average' shooter and will serve you well. If you are taking carbine classes with Haley or you are extremely competitive shooter or even a results driven shooter, this product is not for you and will not fulfill your needs. You will need an outrageously priced EOtech or Aimpoint (I will not go into that great debate)my bank account cried a little after buying an Aimpoint. You really cannot compare this red dot to a Micro T1 as it is not a T1. Nor is it anywhere near the same price range.

The positives; it's built tough enough for the average shooter (meaning you drop your rifle occasionally or throw it in your truck half-hazardly). Mount is solid (if you use Loctite, I promise you will thank me). Low price point (the next cheapest/slightly more expensive model cannot really touch it's overall value). Super light weight. Small and compact. Very bright. Positive adjustments both with sight alignment and red dot brightness adjustment. Clear red dot at less than 50 yds (over 200yd forget! and get a magnified scope). Will hold zero on anything less than a 30-06 (don't ask me how I know, but I did all this testing for you and my own curiosity). Can mount very low on the bore axis or high with risers, basically mounting flexibility.

Now the negatives: Realistically its 3-4MOA less than 25yds, greater than that it's closer to 5MOA red dot, so too many, this larger than stated MOA will affect your accuracy. Even though batteries are cheap if you order a 10 pack online (do this! Once again you will thank me) you will burn through them, not a big deal but still be prepared. Clarity of red dot goes from good to bad very quickly with the brightness settings, greater than 5 you are starting to seeing starbursts. Lens covers are less than desirable but still manageable. Bushnell's customer service can be 'rocky' at times and I will leave it at that.
Positives out-weight the negatives.
I want to also add a lot of reviews were stated seeing a 'grape effect'/ multiple red dots. I believe some of those individuals may have a form of astigmatism like myself. Mine is very mild and the red dot will not bother my eyes until a full day of shooting but after a full day my eyes will begin seeing the grape effect. On the other hand my friend who has rather bad astigmatism sees the 'grape effect'/ multiple red dots instantly. He actually thought the red dot was broken, so take that info with a grain of salt. If you are on the fence about your eye sight go to your local gun shop and try out a few different red dots first.

I hope this review is helpful as I tried to be realistic as possible in it. Overall you are getting a lot for your dollar with this red dot sight. For the 'average' shooter purchase it, plink on, and know all that money you saved over an aimpoint or eotech will go to overly priced ammo.
Side note I have an Aimpoint but I also have three TS-25’s. I would not keep buying three of a bad product.
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