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Bushnell Sport 450 Laser Rangefinder w/Textured Grip, Factory DEMO is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Bushnell Sport 450 Laser Rangefinder w/Textured Grip, Factory DEMO and other Range Finders by Bushnell.

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Meets expectations 5 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
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Author: drwise {!} , Member of Christian Bowhunter and love to hunt and the beauty of God's creation, from Ephrata,PA on Dec 2, 2008
Pros:  Cheap,Rugged, Easy to use
Cons:  Though they aren't issues for me: It doesn't have ARC and it's big and heavy by todays standards..
Would recommend:  yes

drwise wrote:

I got my Pro Sport 450 in 1999 and it continues to serve me well.I use it exclusively for archery, both target and hunting and it gives accurate reading, both on the range and from the treestand. I don't think they had the ARC feature back in the 90's but if they did it was most likely on the more expensive models.Since I hunt mostly in the hardwoods of the northeast, I'm able to hunt at a height of 30 feet or more.I learned very quickly that even with a range finder I was still shooting high, especially on close targets. To correct this I learned to pick a noticable tree for a reference and then range it at eye level rather than at the base of the tree. By experimentation I found that from 30 feet high, on a tree only 5-10 yards out, if I ranged the base of the tree it would measure 4-5 yards more than it would if I ranged it at eye level.Depending on your individual archery setup that could mean a complete miss or worse an animal poorly shot. Features rated: Range: 5 to 999 yards?? Where I hunt I can only see for 200-400 yards, so it's plenty for me.I've ranged items out to 300 yards but never checked accuracy at that range. Magnification: 4X?? Again at the close distances I need it for, 4X is ample. Weight: 7.4 oz?? Things were bigger and heavier back in 1998 but if the unit's size and weight are an issue for you, you might consider a gym membership. Battery Type: 9 volt?? Battery life is good, change mine at the start of the season and it last all year.They're cheap and you can pick one up at any local Easy Mart on your way to the hunting area at 2:00 AM. Target Modes: RAIN and Reflective?? Unless it's an added feature on later models, the RAIN mode doesn't exist. My unit has one button. You press it once to fire the unit up and a second push gives you a single yardage reading. The only option is Yards or Meters and you set that with a switch in the battery compartment. Ranging Performance and Accuracy: 5-999 Yards +/- 1 yard?? Again I've never had a reason to range anything at 999 yards but at the 100-200 yards distance I use it for, it works great. As for accuracy, if I stand in one spot and take 5-6 reading I may get two different ranges but they are all within the +/- 1 yard tolerance. Items that aren't mentioned are toughness, ease of use and price. The Sport 450 is one of the least expensive units on the market and IT's BUILT LIKE A TANK. I've dropped my backpack (with rangefinder inside) from my 30 foot perch more times than I would like to admit and it just keeps on ticking.As I stated before, you don't have the added bells and whistles to worry about. You push one button to turn it on and then push the same button to get a single range reading to the target. When I'm 25 yards from the buck of a lifetime, I don't want to have to worry about running thru several menus, fool with more than one button or have several numbers appear on my range finder to confuse me. I'll have my hands full just trying to stay upright and keep from falling out of the tree.... If this unit ever breaks I'll get a new one. Until then "IT's A KEEPER"

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