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inconsistent readings

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Author: delmontmike {!} , male, 48 yrs old, from delmont, pa on Aug 23, 2007
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delmontmike wrote:

I purchased this gun to measure my son's pitching speed. It certainly seems to be very easy to use and appears well made. The display is large. It's easy to turn on/off. I've used it on 2 separate occasions to measure pitching speed and on 2 occasions to measure the speed of my car (my son pointed it out of the windshield at the road while I was driving). Using the speedometer as a guide, it seemed to measure the speed of the car within 1 or 2 mph up to 70mph. For measuring pitching speed, it was inconsistent at speeds above about 65mph (curiously, it seemed to be pretty accurate when I was throwing about 50-53mph from about 50 feet). One time we measured standing behind the backstop, the other time I held the gun in 1 hand and caught my son's pitches with the other. I did this because I read a review that said the gun didn't seem to work very well when trying to use it from behind a metal fence. On both occasions, the readings seemed inconsistent, varying as much as 8 mph between pitches that all seemed to be coming in about the same speed. We even threw some changeups that were obviously coming in noticeably slower than the fastballs but the gun read them at about the same speed, varing only 1 or 2 mph. My son was throwing from 60 feet away. Maybe it's harder to point the gun accurately than one would think and maybe standing behind a fence does cause problems. I'm going to call Bushnell and/or Optics Planet and see if they can give me any insight or tips to get more accurate readings. As I have never used a radar gun before, maybe it takes some practice to get more consistent readings when trying to time a babseball's speed. Perhaps it seemed to work better at timing the speed of my car because the road is such a big, easy target to hit compared to a baseball.

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