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Solid and Steady

Written on Feb 24, 2015

This is the third scope mount on my Natinal Match M1A. I recently put an Archangel stock on the rifle to save the too nice to bang up walnut original and wanted a solid mount for the Leupold VX-R. So far both the mount and the scope are staying right on target. No ejection clearance issues and should be easy to swap for other optics should I so choose. I will buy another when that time comes....
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For the Springfield M1A

Written on Feb 19, 2015

Normally I use the Leopold Integral Mounting Systems on Picatinny tops, but the Springfield action and scope mount made that problematic for my Archangel stocked National Match rifle. Since I want a quick swap capability these rings do the trick. I also appreciate the Leupold quality. Mounting scopes has never been easier or quicker, and as long as I make sure to put the levers where they will not be in the way of ejected cartridges I am completely satisfied....
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Perfect Fit for My CVA

Written on Dec 24, 2014

While I can probably hit a stationary target with the fine CVA iron sights I put a Leupold Hog sight on top of this rail Scope for a little quicker and hopefully increased range sighting. The EGW is a perfect fit and solid with four screws on the tapped barrel. Highly recommended....
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Sturdy, Solid and Adjustable

Written on Nov 06, 2014

I have used Safariland since my serious shooting days in the early 90's. Got this belt for my left hand Glock 35 competition holster. Won't be competing, but it is a great rig for the days I spend in the woods and scare up a coyote....
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Great Lightweight Portable Table

Written on Oct 30, 2014

Got this ambidextrous table for any on the go shooting. As long as you are shooting from flat ground it is solid enough for most purposes.
Good price and light enough to carry. It will even fit in my blind....
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Four Mark 2's and Counting

Written on Oct 11, 2014

I just mounted my fourth Leupold Mark 2 IMS AR Riflescope Rings Mount along with a Leupold scope on my new .300 AAC Blackout upper. Like the first three this one went on straight and true in seconds and is solid as a rock. It is a certainty that I will put another on my next Picatinny top. I have one in waiting while I decide on my next shooting adventure....
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Solid Mount for a Solid Weapon

Written on Sep 27, 2014

I have three IMS mounts on AR type rifles. The sight is solid and easy to mount. The eye relief and height work well for the Picatinny tops on my receivers. I like having one mount and ring set if only because it allows me to pop the scope and mount off and put them on another system without having to remount rings. I highly recommend the Mark 2 IMS Mount and am going to get another for my new Blackout upper....
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Just Right for the New Beretta ARX-100

Written on Sep 20, 2014

Wanted a red dot that would be compatible with my Aimpoint 3X magnifier that I could move back and forth from my M4 with CompM4s but did not want to pay the CompM4s cost. Mounting and alignment were easy and the Pro Patrol goes perfect with the Aimpoint QD twist mount for the 3X magnifier. Saved money there, too.

It is beefy enough to take the punishment I will put it through, and I look forward to many years of use....
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Lightweight, Sturdy, Water Resistant and Stackable

Written on Sep 08, 2014

Just what I need to keep ammo dry and secure. The boxes are stackable and have two latches. Won't rust and are easy to clean. The only caveat is that some retail ammo boxes don't fit just right, but there are other MTM sizes available. Despite that I put both loose, bulk ammo and boxed. I have six and will order more, presently....
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Requires shim to secure to Glock slide

Written on Aug 05, 2014

I found the mount easy to slide into the rear Glock sight mount; perhaps too easy. Once installed according to the instructions there is a gap between the mount and the slide that lets the sight flip/bounce. I had to find a shim to reduce the movement. While there are ways to secure the mount to the slide with and without slide modifications I recommend Burris include whatever is required in the kit or stipulate what might be necessary to make the mount fit for differences in Glock slides by model....
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