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Reviews by Ed from Great Falls, MT

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Repeatability Test ...

Written on Aug 11, 2014

This is a follow-up to my initial review - WOW! It's better than I expected.

Once zero (or near) is set, I have just shy of +55 MOA of elevation with bedded 20 EGW MOA picatinny rail.

Ammo used: leftover .270 Win handload (150 NBT, 55.5 H4350, WLR, RP brass) before the re-barrel.

Rifle used: .270 AI

I wish I can attached a picture but I did a 12-shot series @ 100 yards in my attempt to test the zero repeatability. Each shot is consist of 2 random elevation adjustments (from zero to X elevation and then back to zero) and + and - windage adjustments (from zero to L then back to zero and from zero to R and then back to zero).

The 12 shot group is just over 1 MOA; not bad considering it's not my accuracy load for this rifle set-up.

In short, I highly recommend this rifle. Here's my review of the scope in another forum >>>
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