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An improvement over Streamlight's other already great products

Written on Jan 09, 2015

The green laser is truly visible in daylight. Even bright sunlight.

This model is a little more accurate, too, since the laser comes through a hole in the reflector of the light. That puts it closer to the bore line, so it doesn't diverge as quickly as other lasers after the laser intersects with the bullet trajectory.

Mine is sighted in parallel to the bore. Many experts suggest this method. The point of impact will be withing a small area (a few inches) over a much greater range.

I may have to my another for my AR....
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Any malfunction is likely to involve the magazine

Written on Aug 06, 2014

If you've been to some REAL training classes, you are already carrying a spare magazine.

You simply can't predict how many rounds you might need to defend yourself. Bad Guys travel in packs. This is particularly necessary if your pistol is a single stack.

This magazine holders fits nicely in your off-side cargo or pants pocket, or a jacket pocket, stays put, and keeps the magazine secure and properly oriented. It also keeps out the pocket lint!

I bought a second one that lives in the storage slot of my driver's side door so it's always easy to grab and slip into a pocket. It also serves as my reminder that I should be carrying a spare.

If you haven't been to a REAL train class, do that, too :-)...
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