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Camelbak UrbanAssault Hydration & Cargo Pack, Black, 2 Liter, Extra Large 60893 is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Camelbak UrbanAssault Hydration & Cargo Pack, Black, 2 Liter, Extra Large 60893 and other Hydration Packs by Camelbak.

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5.0 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5.0 / 5
Usability 5.0 / 5
Features 5.0 / 5
Value for your money 4.5 / 5
Meets expectations 5.0 / 5

I love this Camelbak!!!!

Product Ratings
Overall rating
5 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5 / 5
Features 5 / 5
Meets expectations 5 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
Value for your money 4 / 5

Author: cesarv {!} , Student, Military Veteran, from Los Angeles on Sep 21, 2011
Pros:  Sturdy, spacious, lots of pockets, comfortable
Cons:  Price
Would recommend:  yes

cesarv wrote:

I decided to purchase the Camelbak UrbanAssault XL Hydration Pack primarily for school. I recently returned to the civilian world (was active duty military for 5 years) and returned to college to complete my degree. I had previous experience with Camelbak, having used a "M.U.L.E." while on active duty. The reason that I got a Camelbak instead of a regular backpack is because it allows me to drink water all day leaving both of my hands free. I found out that by having a few sips every few minutes you can go through 2 liters pretty fast. The UrbanAssault XL is a big backpack. In addition to carrying my school supplies (laptop, notebooks, books, pencils pens, etc) I also carry gym clothes, shoes and lunch (and sometimes dinner). Yes... there is room for all that and more. In the occasions that I decide to take a trip to a neighboring city (like San Diego) I use it as my only luggage. I can fit clothes for 3 days. The Camelbak comes with a 2 liter bladder that I use occasionally. When I need to bring the laptop to school, I remove the bladder and use a Camelbak BetterBottle with a hose adapter. The BetterBottle conveniently fits in one of the 2 side pockets. Unfortunately, I had to buy the bottle and hose separately. The other pocket is used either for my large coffe cup or for any cables that I might need for my laptop. All this, however, would be useless if it was uncomfortable to carry. I read a couple of reviews where they feel that the straps feel uncomfortable because they said that it places a lot of weight on the lower back. After a little experimenting, I found out that if you are carrying a large load (like I often do) it is comfortable if you use the chest strap. when you clasp the chest strap, it brings the shoulder straps closer together and it feels comfortable. I sometimes walk to school (about 3 miles) and while I do feel the weight of the pack, it is not uncomfortable. Hopefully somebody finds this useful. I definitely recommend the UrbanAssault XL.

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