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Canon 10x30 IS Compact Image Stabilized Binoculars 2897A002
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Canon 10x30 IS Compact Image Stabilized Binoculars 2897A002

I purchased the Canon 10x30IS binoculars last summer as a second pair of binoculars for astronomy and wildlife. The 10x30IS binoculars are excellent. I consider then a good value because of the Image stabilization.

Although my work is optics related, I'm still an inexperienced observer. With second set of binoculars, my fiancée and I didn't have to share binoculars on an African Safari Vacation. And we can both scan the Milky Way at the same time. When my fiancée and I observe together, she always chooses the 10x30IS. If I'm on my own, I use the Canon's half of the time instead of my 7x50 Ultraview.

For observing details, the 10x30IS binoculars are great. The image stabilization (IS) can make a big difference during the day. IS even more noticeable when looking at stars and planets.

The optics are good. The images are sharp. Although I've seen better color in images when comparing side by side to binoculars with a larger objective aperture, more detail can be seen in the 10x30 due to the IS. During really critical daytime observation, there can be brief periods of softness while the IS corrects for hand shake, but these last about one second, and are normally not noticed.

Eye relief is tight with my glasses, but I find the 10x30IS are usable with the eyecups folded down. Ironically, I have also tried Canon 15x50 IS binoculars and found the eye relief too short despite a longer specification.

Due to the 6 deg FOV, It does take a moment longer to acquire a fast moving target than wide field binoculars, but the view is rock steady.

Battery life is good. I use rechargeable AAs. Handling is nice; the Image stabilization button is easy to hold down. IPD settings not marked.

At 22oz, these are comfortable to wear around your neck. Weight is a huge issue when you actually have to wear binoculars. 21oz is nice; 32oz is an upper limit of tolerable. 42oz binoculars without a harness get worn on the shoulder or cause neck pain.

The 10x30IS are rugged enough to survive a dusty African Safari, but do require care when cleaning. They are not waterproof. I discovered the gap between the front element and the body when carelessly cleaning dust from the binoculars with water.

For a quick glance, I slightly prefer my 7x50. But if I really want to see detail, the 10x30IS is better. Here is a list of various targets, comments about the view through each binocular, and a subjective score for comparison:
1. Hummingbirds in back yard - 10x30IS shows better detail due to IS (5/5). 7x50 shows more vivid color (4/5). 10x30IS wins.
2. Lion cubs - Daylight at 500 yards, it is easier to count lion cubs with 10x30IS (4/5) than the 7x50 (3/5).
3. Wildlife at twilight and night - 10x30 gathers enough light to be beneficial, (2/5). However, the 7x50 gathers more light and looks brighter due to 50mm objective and 7mm Exit Pupil (4/5).
4. Jupiter's moons - With the 10x30IS, I can instantly count the moons (5/5). Lower magnification and excessive shake make moon count with the 7x50 uncertain (2/5).
5. M7 - viewed from dark site in Southern Hemisphere. The 7x50 view (5/5) is brighter, again due to 7mm Exit Pupil, but isn't as steady as the 10x30IS (5/5). For me the view is almost a tie, but my fiancée prefers the 10x30IS.

Overall, the Image Stabilization feature is great; more than compensating for any other short comings.
Pros: Light weight. Image Stabilization. Compact.
Cons: IPD settings not marked. Short eye relief for glasses wearers.

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