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Cocoons Slim Line Over-Glasses Sunglasses, M Ivy Frame, Amber Lenses C401A is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Cocoons Slim Line Over-Glasses Sunglasses, M Ivy Frame, Amber Lenses C401A and other Sunglasses by Cocoons.

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Cocoons Slim Line Mediums work great for me

Product Ratings
Overall rating
5 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5 / 5
Features 5 / 5
Meets expectations 5 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
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Author: lstollin {!} from Austin TX on Dec 7, 2012
Pros:  excellent coverage, glare reduction, stay on my face, very scratch-resistant lenses, good optical quality
Cons:  bulky to store in a pack, not the sexiest look.
Would recommend:  yes

lstollin wrote:

(This review is for the amber lenses, the only color I've tried) I've had prescription glasses since second grade. I've tried every kind of solution for sun: flip-up plastic clip-ons with horrible optics, spring-bridge clip-ons (what scratch my frames),prescription sunglasses (that I forget to bring or forget to remove), transitions self-tinting lenses (that never get dark enough), Wal-Mart's version of over-the-glasses sunglasses (worse frames and way worse lenses), and even just buying big $8 sunglasses at Walgreen's that "kinda" fit over my glasses. Well, Cocoons are the answer. Especially today, with smaller lenses back in style, clipons don't work well because bright sunlight just barrels in from all around the small lenses. I've had several pairs of Cocoons by now (I just wish they were immune to loss!). The optics are pretty darn good and WAY more scratch-resistant than all the other ones I've tried. The fit is very comfortable. The thing I like most, though, is that the wraparound style and nicely-sized bridge makes a pretty good "light-seal" on top, so even without wearing a brimmed hat, you have pretty good protection from glare from bright skies and high sun. The key in choosing Cocoons, in my experience, is getting the smallest size that fits over your particular lenses. This seems to be one of the few websites selling cocoons where they actually tell you the model and the size. A lot of them seem to act like there is just one style or size of Cocoons. Once you figure out your size, you'll want to stick with it. I love them so much now that when I got a new pair of glasses 3 years ago, I took my Cocoons with me and refused to consider any pair of frames that wouldn't fit under my slimline mediums! My father-in-law did NOT follow that method, and I wound up with his larger Cocoons because his new glasses were too big to fit! The larger size is pretty loose on my narrow face. My medium slim-lines One last tip. I buy a pair of Croakies sunglasses keepers and with great difficulty cram them on the temples. Then when I leave my car and enter the store, I just pull the Cocoons off and leaving them hanging around my neck. Amazingly, no one has ever called me "six-eyes"!

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