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Crimson Trace LaserGuard Sight - Sig Sauer P238 with Holster is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Crimson Trace LaserGuard Sight - Sig Sauer P238 with Holster and other Laser Sights by Crimson Trace.

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Product Ratings
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Easy To Set Up 5 / 5
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Meets expectations 5 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
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Author: Dragonheart {!} , NRA Life Member, Certified range safety officer, rifle, pistol & shotgun instructor. Concealed carry instructor. TSRA life member. NRA Master Rifle Classification , from Katy, Texas on Jan 17, 2012
Pros:  Easy installation, Good fit, Excellent pressure switch and location, Lightweight, Adds little bulk, Keeps It's Zero!
Cons:  None yet until they perfect the green laser
Would recommend:  yes

Dragonheart wrote:

I purchased a Crimson Trace Laser for my brand new Sig P-238 handgun about one month ago. I have to say I was very leery about this purchase from prior experience with handgun lasers. I first purchased a handgun laser over 25 years ago when they first came out and tried sever others since then. They were all very expensive, much larger and were total junk for their intended purpose. They wouldnt hold zero or anything close, they added bulk and the batteries and switches were a constant problem, so you can imagine the difficulty in convincing me to even try another laser. Since I had decided on the Sig P-238 as my new carry firearm because of its small size and weight I decided to give the Crimson Trace Laser a try on this handgun because of the recommendation of a trusted friend. When the CT Laser arrived from Optics Planet I was impressed with its small size, but wondered how the plastic would hold up and it's stability. The installation was easy as its nothing more than installing the battery and then snapping the two halves together over the trigger guard, which is held in place by two tiny hex screws. The fit was about a good as it gets. The laser switch is a pressure switch under the third finger on the front of the hand grip. Now to the shooting range: I placed a target at 10 meters on a large piece of cardboard and proceeded to shoot and adjust the laser. I was impressed that I could easily see the red laser during the day, but as with all red lasers direct sunlight on a target tends to wash out the beam making it difficult to see. The laser is adjusted for elevation and windage by means of two tiny hex head screws. Apparently, the factory setting was close enough for me to adjust the laser fairly quickly. One important point for old shooters as the laser adjustment is a little different from sighting in a scope or iron sights. On a scope you adjust the bullet point of impact to the intended center of the target. On the CT Laser you move the laser beam to the bullet point of impact. After adjustment I was easily able to keep my rounds in a 4-inch group at 32 feet using just the laser. I was happy at this point, but the real test is will it keep zero? I returned home and cleaned my new Sig since I had run over 300 rounds through it to assure to myself as to the handguns reliability. I first removed the laser and grips, field striped the gun and gave the gun a good cleaning in my sonic cleaner, then reassembled everything. I carried the gun in my pocket for a week then went back to the range to see what the laser would do. I have to say the performance blew my socks off. At 32 feet just about all of the 20 rounds fired were still in a 4-inch circle, 8 of which were well within 2 inches. For a laser to do this after being removed then reinstalled then carried for a week in my pocket, I find amazing. Needless to say at this point I am very pleased with the Crimson Trace Laser. Now the last test will be its longevity, for that I will have to get back to you. I wish these reviews had a way to attach a PDF file of my target as one picture is worth a 1000 words.

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