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Cuddeback Attack IR Trail Camera
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Cuddeback Attack IR Trail Camera

"I personally would have never purchased a Cuddeback product. I have used Stealth Cam products for years and never had the first problem, no reason to change.

My Wife and Daughter purchased the new Attack IR for as a Father's Day gift, they had no clue which trail camera to buy, they only had to watch the Outdoor Channel for a short period before viewing one of the two or three commercials featuring this camera which is endorsed by numerous outdoor television celebrities.

After getting the camera for Fathers Day I set the Cuddeback in a location where I had kept the same Stealth Cam for over 5 years. The problems I had included: 1) severe IR glare 2) random black photos at night with no IR illumination 3) blurry night and day photots 4) poor color quality daytime pictures, looked almost black and white 5) less than 600 pictures ran the batteries down to 60% 6) after recieving a firmware update from Cuddeback all of these problems persisted with one exception, the random black night time photos turned into 100% black night time photos, the unit would not take an IR illuminated night time picture at all. There were other things I did not like, the video on-off switch was poor design and the way the camera mounted to the tree made the camera extrememly obvious and vunerable.

Its not so much the poor performance that bothers me, its the overwhelming advertising campaign Cuddeback propogates on cable television with the numerous outdoor celebrity endorsers. Celebrities who are being paid to give glowing endorsements for products that obviously fall way short of the claims they are making.

My Wife and Daughter were both extremely dissapointed that the camera they bought as a Fathers Day gift was such a lemon, They had no knowledge of these products and relied 100% on the commercials they saw on TV. All you need to do is read other reviews other outdoor retailers and outdoor blogs to make up your own mind that you do not want to buy this product."

Pros: None
Cons: The unit did not live up to any of the advertised claims

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Would Recommend: No
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