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EOTech 512 A65 Holographic Weapon Sight, Black, Standard Accessories 512-A65-EE is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase EOTech 512 A65 Holographic Weapon Sight, Black, Standard Accessories 512-A65-EE and other Red Dot Sights by EOTech.

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4.8 / 5
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EOTech 512 A.65 F (Review)

Product Ratings
Overall rating
5 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5 / 5
Features 4 / 5
Meets expectations 4 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
Value for your money 4 / 5

Author: WTADelta {!} from Wichita, KS on Aug 29, 2007
Pros:  Large Viewing Area & Eye Relief; No Light Emission On Muzzle Side; Quick & Stable Retention; Constantly Retains Zero; Co-Witnesses W/ BUIS
Cons:  More "Real Estate" Required On Picatinny Rail; Must Adjust Light Brightness With Environment Constantly; High Cost
Would recommend:  yes

WTADelta wrote:

First OpticsPlanet customer service was outstanding, answered all my questions; albeit there was no packaging peanuts that came with the shipment and the EOTech was free to move within the package. Second, the EOTech was very easily installed onto a Picatinnny rail (MIL-1913), as well as the installation of the battery. I find the controls very easy, even with gloves on, to turn on the optic and adjust the 20 brightness levels. Turning off the optic requires that both up and down brightness levels be pushed simultaneously, which can be cumbersome, but with the auto shutdown feature & long battery life it really is a mute point. Auto shutdown is built into the optic, by pushing up: the optic is set to turnoff by 8 hours; by pushing down: the optic is set to turnoff by 4 hours. Battery life was rated between 600 to 1100 hrs depending on battery quality and type, however with the use of AA, they are relatively cheap and easy to find. Thirdly, zeroing was extremely easy compared to other optics used. EOTech recommends using a screwdriver, coin, or even spent brass casings to turn the windage/elevation settings. I personally would recommend one use a nickel, I find that it works best. Every click turned on either windage or eleveation will adjust the point of aim ½” at 100 yards (1/2 MOA), and twice as much at 50 yards ¼” MOA. Fourthly, the co-witness on an AR15 is outstanding. The setup the EOTech was mounted on S&W M&P15-T. The Troy industries MRF that meets square with the flattop of the upper receiver, dramatically increasing the “real-estate” on the Picatinny rails, allowing the EOTech to be pushed forward to the front BUIS or all the way to the end of the rear BUIS depending on operator preference. Fifth, operational wise, the EOTech is extremely streamlined. No possibility that the optic will snag on your sling, rappel line, or other equipment. The only down side is frequently having to adjust the brightness level to environment. If one is working from indoor to outdoor it is a setback, but with training and practice can be easily remedy. Lastly, having used Aimpoints majority of the time, I must say at first I thought the 65” MOA and 1” MOA was too much clutter. After a time getting readjusted by practicing snap shooting, I found that the 65’ MOA reticule was perfect for close work, and the 1” MOA reticule was perfect for medium use. At longer ranges and having to choose between an Aimpoint or EOTech, I would prefer the Aimpoint simple dot as the 65” MOA distracts me from focusing on the 1” MOA. I had pretty high expectation for the EOTech, and it met all of them. As for the Aimpoint v. EOTech debate, it comes down to personal preference.

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