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SKY224B Galco SkyOps Holster Ambidextrous - Black SKY224B is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Galco SkyOps Holster Ambidextrous - Black SKY224B and other Holsters by Galco.

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Average Ratings
Overall rating
4.5 / 5
Easy To Set Up 4.5 / 5
Usability 4.5 / 5
Features 4.5 / 5
Value for your money 4.0 / 5
Meets expectations 4.5 / 5

Galco SkyOps Holster Ambidextrous - Black SKY224B Reviews - Reviews from 1 to 2 out of 2

Concealment For Sig 226R

Product Ratings:
Overall rating:
5 / 5
Easy To Set Up:5 / 5
Features:5 / 5
Meets expectations:5 / 5
Usability:5 / 5
Value for your money:5 / 5

Author: Rick919a (verified customer) , I like guns and I enjoy takeing care of them!, from Kennesaw GA on Jul 6, 2010
Pros:  Material, Design, Quality
Cons:  The Belt that is used with holster has to be the exact width with no indentations in the leather. In other words a tatally flat belt 1 1/4" width.
Would recommend:  yes

Rick919a wrote:

I just recieved my Skyop248 holster. I was very pleasd when it came. It is exactly how it is described and the technical service deptartment was very honest with me when I bought it. I have a Sig Sauer 226r and it is very difficult to conceal. Especially with a Dress Shirt. I have been useing the Galco Royal Guard which is great when you use a sweat shirt or a shirt that covers the grip of your. I have spent alot of research in purchaseing this product and it was worth it. Optics Planet is a pleasure to buy from!

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Good concealment rig for me

Product Ratings:
Overall rating:
4 / 5
Easy To Set Up:4 / 5
Features:4 / 5
Meets expectations:4 / 5
Usability:4 / 5
Value for your money:3 / 5

Author: RabbyTat (verified customer) , Well, I guess that I carry a gun..., from Hagatna, Guam on Dec 12, 2009
Pros:  Concealment goal is met, Typical Galco quality,
Cons:  Takes practice to draw compared to Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 and is much harder to reholster. Some body types are not compatable with inside the pants carry method.
Would recommend:  yes

RabbyTat wrote:

The goal is maximum concealment for a professional gun handler. It is not for a casual gun carrier. This holster is well made - typical of Galco. This holster system is totally set up for concealment which goal is accomplished well. The ad states up front that it is not a speed rig -- that drawing and reholstering are a pain. These are true, so practice is a must. When correctly placed, the holster permits the shirt to be tucked in a manner that does obscure the gun for most body types. We have tried it on several of our guys. Most found it useful, but some had comfort issues. Sizing the Y clip with a closely fitting belt is a must. (I custom cut and finish my own belts for a perfect fit, but my off-the-rack belts worked pretty well also.) Order a couple of extra Y clips -- measure your belts for the correct match up. THIS IS CRITICAL. The holster took just a moment to set up as it is ambidextrous. It is a simple one screw and one tab with 2 holes. It would ...
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