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FS-85MOHDX Galileo 800mm-80mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope FS-85MOHDX is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Galileo 800mm-80mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope FS-85MOHDX and other Telescopes by Galileo.

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good starting scope

Product Ratings:
Overall rating:
4 / 5
Easy To Set Up:5 / 5
Features:3 / 5
Meets expectations:5 / 5
Usability:4 / 5
Value for your money:5 / 5

Author: astronut32154 from knoxville tn on Jan 28, 2012
Pros:  detailed views of saturns rings,jupiter,and the moon,and some faint images of bright deep sky.
Cons:  hard to calibrate the finderscope,and the stand comes loose after awhile.
Would recommend:  yes

astronut32154 wrote:

ordered mine from the galileo website,came with a 20mm eyepeice and a rotating zoom lense (16-20mm if i'm not mistaking) and a 3x barlow and a 1.5x erecter lenses,it's about the best bang for your buck if you want close up detailed views of the moon,and brighter planetary views,you can also pull in some pretty good images of some deep sky objects like the Andromeda galaxy or the Orion nebula,but don't expect hubble quality pictures,these i listed just look like mere puffy clouds through the 20mm eyepeice,impossible to see through any other of the included eyepeice,the mars finderscope is pretty accurate,but might take a little time to calibrate,and might frustrate a first timer,but overall,i've had many nights observing through this little telescope,i wouldn't recommend for a serious beginner,or an experienced astronomer,but your best views would probably be the moon,saturn,and jupiter with it's cloud belts and moons.and also,be sure and keep the bolts on the stand tight,other your going ...
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