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EOTech M6 TLI Tactical Laser Illuminator - Weapon Mounted Flashlight
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of EOTech M6 TLI Tactical Laser Illuminator - Weapon Mounted Flashlight

I bought the M6 after having an intruder in my house. I realized I needed a detachable gun mounted light. The benefits of having a light on your weapon leaves one hand free to open doors or manage other tasks while clearing your house. Having the light detachable allows you to illuminate areas without having your weapon pointed at it like your kids bedrooms. The Insight Tech web site shows the M6 mounted on a Springfield XD.

Attaching the light is very quick and easy. With a little practice I could attach and detach the light without having to look down. The mount seemed solid when attached as well. The light is bright enough, not enough to blind a suspect but it gives decent illumination fo my purposes. The laser is a benefit in close quarters since all focus is on the target.

I have an XDm 40 which is identical to the XD except for an upgraded match trigger, barrel, and hardened slides..... or atleast I thought. Taking the light to the range I am able to get off 3-4 rounds before the light pops off. First time I though it was a fluke. Three more rounds and it became clear that the light will not stay on the gun. A light that pops off in a critical situation could create a life threatening scenario and is more of a liability than an asset. Unfortunatly Insight offers no fix and there is no adjustment to tighten the ligh on the rail.

I contacted Insight after this incident and their only comment was that the m version of the Springfield XD pistols was not on the "fit chart". If you can locate their fit chart link you will find it inopperable. Without the chart you are buying blind and hoping this product will fit your gun. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT UNLESS YOU VERIFY IT FITS YOUR WEAPON FIRST! Insight will not support it if your weapon is not on its fit chart. Only 4 of the approximately 18 different Springfield XD models are on their chart so your chances are slim for getting a properly opperating light AND support.

Conclusion; The product design is flawed in its ability to remain attached to a standard picatinny rail. The manufacturers response is to limit liability, service and support by excluding the majority of handguns and pistols by using a "fit chart". Picatinny rails are a standard mounting system and not manufacturer or caliber specific. Insight should resolve its design flaws as the rest of the product appears to work as advertised. 1 star for the light, one star for the laser, 0 stars for mount, support, design, and company integrity.

Pros: Great Concept
Cons: Falls off under fire

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