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Lasermax Guide Rod Internal Laser Sight - Gen4 Glock 17 - LMS-G4-17 is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Lasermax Guide Rod Internal Laser Sight - Gen4 Glock 17 - LMS-G4-17 and other Laser Sights by Lasermax.

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Average Ratings
Overall rating
2.0 / 5
Easy To Set Up 4.0 / 5
Usability 3.0 / 5
Features 4.0 / 5
Value for your money 3.0 / 5
Meets expectations 2.0 / 5

G17 Gen 4 Lasermax - Flop

Product Ratings
Overall rating
2 / 5
Easy To Set Up 4 / 5
Features 4 / 5
Meets expectations 2 / 5
Usability 3 / 5
Value for your money 3 / 5

Author: H2Otx {!} , Fabricator / Tinkerer, from Houston, TX on Feb 21, 2013
Pros:  Design, Compact, User Friendly, Easy to Set Up
Cons:  Application, Spring Pressure, Spring Collar
Would recommend:  no

H2Otx wrote:

This is my 3rd Lasermax product and I have had one in my Gen 3 for 4 years without issue. Upon receipt you begin to notice that something has changed. Earlier Lasermax packaging is in a box, with foam padding and high class for the $$$ you pay. This time around the $$$ is the same but it is in plastic packaging, and the laser and parts are held in some plastic attached to a folded cardboard sheet... My Gen 3 was a straight drop-in install. This Gen 4 is a little different. At first I was unable to compress the spring to get the laser to seat properly. After a call to Lasermax it was mentioned that the epoxy upon assembly might have dried on the collar pieces. They told me to try and see if I could break them loose. With hesitation I used brute strength to break the pieces free and viola. I proceeded to install the laser per instructions. I noticed that the didn't stay in place very well, but thought it might do better once the slide was on the firearm. NOPE!!! I racked the slide a few times to let is seat and pushed the slide lock button and the laser wouldn't engage. So I shook the firearm and the laser would engage oncassionaly. So I disassembled and reposistioned the laser. Still similar results, repeating the process 4 times and no change. During this shaking motion I shook the firearm forward and backwards and noticed a sound. The sound came from the slide. Recreating this motion identified that the spring pressure wasn't enough. The slide would come out of "battery" and then go back to "battery." In a life or death situation this is unacceptable. I am currently sending the laser to Lasermax and they are going to do some tests. But once we figure out what is wrong and this gets resolved, I will post another review.

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