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LaserMax Red Laser Internal Guide Rod Laser Sight for Glock 26/27/33 is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase LaserMax Red Laser Internal Guide Rod Laser Sight for Glock 26/27/33 and other Laser Sights by Lasermax.

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4 / 5
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Meets expectations 4 / 5
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Author: pjyegge {!} , Rifle Marksman, Former Sheriff's Dept. Firearms Instructor, from Richland WA on Jan 20, 2011
Pros:  Easy install, easy to see, easy to use
Cons:  Strong spring causes feed jams, larger takedown lever can catch on some holsters
Would recommend:  yes

pjyegge wrote:

Following the well written directions from Lasermax, the removal of the old takedown lever, replacement of the takedown lever spring and installation of the Lasermax supplied parts was very quick and easy. Lasermax supplied all the necessary tools with the product. The batteries came pre-installed (though I would have preferred to do it so I would be familiar with the operation). The recoil spring on the guide rod seemed stiffer than my factory supplied spring. When I went to the range I had frequent feed jams (nearly every shot). I only had one ammo type with me, and it was cheaper ammo so I will be spending time at the range either breaking in the spring or finding hot ammo that can cycle the weapon. While I was there I did try the same cheap ammo in a Glock 27 with a newly installed Lasermax guide rod laser and did not have feed jam issues. I also dis not experience feed jam issues prior to installation of the Lasermax in my Glock 22. Also, the takedown lever supplied by Lasermax is a little larger than the factory takedown lever. This is necessary because the Lasermax takedown lever must move side to side in order to activate the laser and if it were the same size as the original, could get stuck inside the frame. The only problem with the slightly larger takedown lever is that it protrudes beyond the indent on the Glock frame. This means that the takedown lever is exposed beyond the frame. At first, this caused my Glock to get stuck inside a new holster (form fitted plastic). After wrestling the Glock from the holster I found the sharp plastic edge that caught the takedown lever and beveled it with the edge to a sharp pocket knife. Now everything works perfectly. The laser is bright and the pulsing dot really catches your eye. However, outdoors in mid-day sunlight at 25 yards, the laser was not visible. Comparatively, a green laser under the same conditions was barely visible. Remember that a laser can be a good tool for some circumstances, but is not appropriate for all conditions.

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