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Leatherwood 3/4in Wm. Malcolm Telescopic 6x Riflescope 32" Long with Mount
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Leatherwood 3/4in Wm. Malcolm Telescopic 6x Riflescope 32" Long with Mount

Heres my hi-lux nightmare Wanted a buffalo gun with a Malcolm scope so here how it has gone. i had located a 1871 buffalo classic and always wanted the 1800 look to go shooting. note i am not new to shooting but have shooting all types of guns for over 50 years. 1-contacted customer service as discussed the want that i had and discussed both the long scope and also the 18" scope. was told that the best best was the malcolm because the 18" required going to a gunsmith and have the gun drilled and tapped and was assured the malcolm was perfectly and easily assembeled but only needed a different mount for the H&R 1871 Buffalo in 45-70, other than that everthing needed was complete. being satisfied with their response i went and bought the gun. 2-ordered scope and mount, found i needed the elevation adjustment mount also 3-received the scope, mount and elevation adjustment, was missing gun mounting screws. called service and they said they would send them but would take a week or so. 20 phone calls and 40 miles later was able to find a gunsmith to sell me the screws. 4-everything is assembeled, and i go to try out my new pride and joy. 5-shooting at 100 yards i find i cant hit the broad side of a barn. have to aim about a foot and a half below the bullseye to be able to even get close. pack up and go home. 6-again contact customer service-now i am told that the front mount is for 200 yards minimum. gee where does it say that in all the literature i read???? FOLKS-I BOUGHT THIS TO GO AND RELAX AFTER A HEART ATTACK, NOT WALK 200 YARDS EACH WAY WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY!!! 7-now told by customer service that i have to now buy a higher front mount to be able to shoot at less than 100 yards--more expense. 8-receive new higher front, remove old mount and put on higher one. 9-once again off to the gun range to try it out, finally get close to the bullseye and start to do adjustments but no the entire scope is moving forward in the mounting bracket, give up again and go home to once again contact customer service. and now told that i have to buy the locking ring for this gun to stop that, so more money spent i receive the locking ring. 10-receive the locking ring, install the ring and once again go to gunrange thinking i can finally do some shooting. nope, wrong again, find that now it doesnt move forward anymore but now turns in the mount and is still not a shootable scope. so back home and contact customer service. 11-now i am informed by customer service and am told that i need to buy the sliding mount. i am now really pissed, and still dont have what i wanted in the first place, feel like im being nickle and dimed in many dollars and have been totally misled from the very start, and should have bought the 18"scope instead. 12-too far down the road i now buy the sliding mount, i receive the mount and sit down to mount it. wondering if i will ever get to use this gun, or die from old age first. 13-go to mount the gun and find out that the sliding mount is not properly designed for use with the 1891 buffalo mount. A. once put on the mount the screw through the elevation bar will no longer go into the sliding slot because the bracket spreads the adjustment. B. the sliding bar extends too far back and extends into the brass eyepiece and scrapes the eyepiece, and also wont let it slide properly. C. because of the location of the rearward mount for the 1871 buffalo, the ring stop at the back of the bracket wont go far enough back to operate because of the brass eyepiece. D. when pulling the scope back after it were to be fired and becaue of the failure to make the rear ring far enough back, if pulled back it will pull the scope out of the front mount. E. also see that the mount bracket ring and the srping loaded part are and have with oly being slid about 4 times are horribly scratching the scope completely through the bluing into the bare metal. I NOW, HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS LATER, I OWN AN UNUSABLE, SCRATCHED UP, HIDEOUS MESS, AND STILL HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO SHOOT EVEN A SINGLE BOX OF SHELLS THROUGH MY GUN. AND GEE TO THINK THE ENTIRE REASONING FOR THIS COURSE WAS TO REDUCE STRESS. OK-LETS SEE HOW THIS BREAKS DOWN (NOT ALL COSTS INCLUDED SUCH AS SHIPPING COSTS) 1-COST OF SCOPE, ELEV. ADJUSTMENT, TUBE LOCKING RING AND 1871 BUFFALO CLASSIC MOUNT-----------$502.972-COST OF HIGHER FRONT RING-----------------$ 39.003-COST OF SLIDING MOUNT-----------------------$ 74.504-COST OF SCREWS FROM GUNSMITH---------$ 6.005-4 FEES AT GUN RANGE TO HOPE TO SHOOT$ 40.04 14 SHELLS FIRED ATTEMPTING TO GET THIS GREAT WORKING EASILY ASSEMBELED SCOPE OPERATING--WHICH IT STILL DOES NOT-----------$662.51 COST PER SHOT----------$47.33 EACH

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