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Leupold VX-R 3 - 9 x 40mm Matte Riflescope
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Leupold VX-R 3 - 9 x 40mm Matte Riflescope

I feel like the quality of the scope is awesome. Very clear, and can't beat Leupold's forever warranty. On the negative side, although the reticle has ballistic hash marks and a large circle in the reticle, there is no data, describing the range those hash marks are to be used, for various bullet calibers and weights. Of course, different calibers, weights, and designs of bullets can vary a lot, and I feel like a highly generalized ballistic reticle is useless and pointless, unless the company offers a program like Nikon's "Spot On" software, to determine the distance to use your ballistic aiming points more accurately. Leupold is behind in this area. So, I believe this scope's ballistic reticle can't be used to its potential, beyond 300 yards, for the .223 and 30-06 calibers I use it for, which is sadly a waste to me. .223, and 30-06, have close enough trajectories out to 300 yards, depending on the bullet weights, but can have a 5 or 6 inch drop difference at that distance. I can live with that,if I have a shot at game at that distance or closer. Beyond 300 yards, is when 55 grain - 180 grain bullets start to show too much difference in drop, to go with such a generalized reticle. It's just a crap shoot, and I don't have a range nearby, past 100 yards to confirm where my rounds are hitting in relation to the reticle's aiming points. Besides, these days, bullets are scarce, and expensive. Having software to help you place your reticle in the correct spot, at the correct distances,with out actually having to waste bullets is greatly needed for these times especially, even though I shoot a lot and am above average in marksmanship. I contacted Leupold, and the guy told me that the bottom of the circle and the 2 hash marks represent 300, 400, and 500 yard aiming points respectively. Then he refered me to the jbm ballistics site. I kept emailing back, with questions about the MOA, or obtaining data to use this reticle for different calibers, weights etc, and I keep getting references to the jbm trajectory site. Now, even though I feel like Leupold is a better quality scope, with a forever warranty, I want a Nikon BDC scope, because it's cheaper, and they offer a fantastic site to use, to see where your rounds (Many brands of bullets, calibers, and weights of bullets) will hit, in relation to the distance to your target, and your ballistic reticle. For now, I am confident out to 300 yards for hunting big game, based on my knowledge of the trajectories of my rounds, but with a scope this big, I should have the same confidence of hitting 2 legged Zombeasts center mass,out to 600 yards.I also thought adjustment knobs didn't click as surely and positively, as I like. When I wanted to count my clicks and turn the knobs, I had to be extremely careful to avoid going 2,3,or 4 clicks, when I only wanted to move one click at a time. So the click adjustment on the knob are not very snappy, defined,or positive. Anyway, I don't think this should be a top choice for a ballistic scope. I would say the design and construction quality are superb, but ballistic compensation capability is in no way reliable with this scope.
Pros: Awesome brightness and clarity. Very well constructed.
Cons: Offers no software or data to match your bullet to reticle.

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