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Lyman No. 55 Powder Measure 7767783
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Lyman No. 55 Powder Measure 7767783

I began reloading for my 257 Ackley Improved in 1955. For many years powder charges were measured with a old Redding scale with a 'oil' damper.
A few years ago, after my second retirement, I got hooked on the AR platform and 9mm.
Lee powder measures haven't quite satisfied my desire for accuracy. Slowly over a couple of years I expanded my collection of AR's to include several .223's in various twists and a pair of 6.5 Grendel, a .204 Ruger and a 300 ACC. I eventually found it absolutely impossible to throw charges of H110 with my Lee 'Powder Perfect'. Through the wonders of the Internet I was able to read dozens of reviews various measures. I was set to buy a Harrell when I got a email from Optics Planet with a opportunity to get a extra discount and free shipping on my next purchase.
I decided to try a Lyman 55 on the chance that it would deliver the accuracy I wanted. As it happened, by the time I placed my order it was out of stock and I had to wait nearly a month for delivery. When the measure was finally delivered, I was careful to read the instructions several times before trying to put it to use. I carefully disassembled the measure and floated the parts in denatured alcohol before reassembly. I chose to spray everything with 'RemDryLube' before reassembly. While being so careful and meticulous I still failed to clean the drop tubes which 'bit me in the can' when I began working with BLC(2).
To validate my evaluation I decided to reload 32-20, 300 ACC, 6.5 Grendel and the .223. I dropped charges of BL-C(2), HP-38, 8208-XBR, Varget, Benchmark and Trail Boss.
I found that very small charges are tend to challenge the measure. I was never able to throw accurate 2.5gr. charges of Trail Boss for my '73 Winchester in 32-20. I was successful loading 50 rounds of 32-20 with 3.5gr. of HP-38.
None of my powder charges exceeded 28 grains of propellant. The 'bottom slide' was never in play for any of my charges.
I loaded 350 cartridges over a period of 3 days. Every charge was thrown with the measure into a cartridge case and then weighed in the pan of my RCBS 5-10 Scale. In my attempt to be absolutely consistent each charge, the measure was disassembled and cleaned each time the propellant was changed. The knocker was dropped twice when the when the metering cylinder was open and twice again each time the charge was dropped in the the cartridge case. After the charge was transferred into the scale pan, the beam was gently pressed against the limit and then released. If the charge weight varied by more than 0.05 it was dumped into the reservoir and discarded. A total of 5 charges were discarded during the test.
Throughout the tests the reservoir was never allowed to drop to less that 1/4 full. Suspect the baffle helps maintain the consistency of charges thrown.
Pros: Outstanding Repeatability!
Cons: Small capacity, limited instructions

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