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Meade mySKY PLUS Personal Sky Exploration Guide 04542 is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Meade mySKY PLUS Personal Sky Exploration Guide 04542 and other Telescopes by Meade.

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Average Ratings
Overall rating
4.2 / 5
Easy To Set Up 4.4 / 5
Usability 3.6 / 5
Features 4.6 / 5
Value for your money 4.1 / 5
Meets expectations 3.7 / 5

mySky Good Value

Product Ratings
Overall rating
4 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5 / 5
Features 4 / 5
Meets expectations 4 / 5
Usability 4 / 5
Value for your money 4 / 5

Author: Kent from SATX on Jan 26, 2009
Pros:  Simple, Quick Setup
Cons:  Accuracy
Would recommend:  yes

Kent wrote:

We received the mySky as a gift this past Christmas and have now been using it many evenings for almost 2 months (on the initial set of batteries, no less!). Build quality is satisfactory though not impeccable. The setup and alignment is very straight forward though don't make the mistake I made and set it on a METAL patio table while aligns itself. It reliably finds almost any object down to about mag 4 in our light polluted suburban skies. I've found it to be most useful for confirming what we think we've found based on what we see in books, etc. Most of our observing is through a 60mm alt/az mounted refractor and some 8x40 Nikon binoculars. It's hard to justify the cost (even at the reduced price) over a pile of good books, a lunar map and a planesphere. However, its fun for kids and easier to read in the dark. Speaking of which, if you're actually trying to look at anything in the night sky you will need to dial the brightness down to the point that it switches to just shades of red or your night vision will be ruined.

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