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Meprolight Night Sights, Green Front for Ruger SP101, 38 spcl. & .357 mag is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Meprolight Night Sights, Green Front for Ruger SP101, 38 spcl. & .357 mag and other Tritium & Fiber Optic Night Sights by Meprolight.

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4.3 / 5
Easy To Set Up 3.3 / 5
Usability 4.5 / 5
Features 4.4 / 5
Value for your money 4.1 / 5
Meets expectations 4.1 / 5

Ruger P89 Meprolight Night Sight

Product Ratings
Overall rating
5 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5 / 5
Features 5 / 5
Meets expectations 5 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
Value for your money 5 / 5

Author: Sniper 56 {!} from Dillon MT on Oct 14, 2011
Pros:  Good Price Sight makes it easy see no mater what time of day it is.
Cons:  Does require some gunsmithing to install.
Would recommend:  yes

Sniper 56 wrote:

I use Meprolight night sights on all my Pistols, Shotgun, and Rifle sights that I want night sights on. Way better than Truglo and other types of night sights in my opinion. There light green in day time and bright green at dusk or night time making them really easy to see. Green back and Green Front sights are all I use. Some times the Orange and Yellow not the best in some lights, and they dont seem to hold up as long as the green ones do, but that your call. You do have to do some gunsmithing to take off and mount the new sights. Just depends on what gun and model youre installing them on what you need to do. There are directions on what you need to do step by step and there not to bad to fallow either. I did the job my self it was easy and I am not a gunsmith. If you plan to change a lot of your gun sights out I would just go and buy the tools to the job. If it is just a one time deal you can go to a gunsmith I would say a $100 bucks it a big enough budget. A budget for the tools $100 should cover all you need. People have said that they have broke there sights installing them or the gunsmith did when they installed them. That why I do the job my self. I have installed over 10+ sights on guns and have yet to break one. There been a few guns sights that I had to take a few good whacks from a hammer and punch to install the meprolight sights on and there fine. As long as you drive on the very bottom of a dove tall style sight you should have no problem not breaking your sights, and as for drilling holes for roll pins on some front sights supper easy. How I learned was just reading forms and watching videos on how to change sights. Its the same concept from one gun to the next.

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