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Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for Kahr 9mm and .45 Pistols
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for Kahr 9mm and .45 Pistols

I've had Meprolight Night Target Sights on two of my Glocks MD:17 & 22 for over ten years. They where of excellent design with positive adjustments and held zero for years and many thousands of rounds fired. The Tritium dots stayed bright for over ten years.

I was very excited to see they had adjustable tritium sights for conceal carry pistols so I bought two for my Kahr MK40 and T9. The sights are bright and of a great overall design...

BUT... I can't recommend these Meprolite AD-COM Sights as they require the rear sight to be "glued" on with LOCTITE. Now I'm a big believer in LOCTITE and use it on grip screws and windage set screws on many sights such as the NOVAKs these were to replace. But that is in addition to the tight friction fit and locking screw of those sights. These AD-COM sights use a sight base that slides in (and out)of the rear sight dove tail "Very Easily" and doesn't seem to have any play to it. That would be just fine but the two screws that attach the rear sight to the site base are too short and do not lock in the windage of the rear sight. If the two rear sight attachment screws were just about .16" longer they would protrude just enough to lock in the sight base to the rear sight dove tail.

In-addition: The elevation screw despite having adjustments with ball and spring locked in along with very positive clicks for adjustments has such a small flathead groove that you have to use a very narrow jeweler's screw driver (very carefully) to make adjustments. There is almost no groove at all on the elevation screw.

Bottom line: Meprolight is acting like Ford and GM. They are making an overall very good looking and designed product but then screw it up with the details to the point of making it unusable for the intended purpose. They can easily fix this and make these a top grade Concealed Carry weapon's site by going back to Torx or allen head screws and making the two rear sight attachment screws just a little longer so they lock in the windage of the rear sights.
Pros: Clear bright Tritium Dots, Good non-snaging design
Cons: Rear sight must be "glued" on. Elevation Screw defective... Flathead groove barely there.

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