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NcSTAR Red Dot Sight - Tactical Red Dot With 4 Different Reticles / Black
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of NcSTAR Red Dot Sight - Tactical Red Dot With 4 Different Reticles / Black

The main draw back to the item is the requirement of an included allen wrench to make sight adjustments. It requires an extra item to be toted around. Pet peeve, for sure, but my range bag is full enough already.

The dust cover is easily misplaced, and the item becomes CONSIDERABLY more fragile if you lose it, so please make sure you take good care of it.

All in all, it is the same item, with a cheap brand name that you can buy for considerably more money. (same factory makes em) The big view screen makes it outstanding for placement on pistols, or far from the eye on rail systems, like on an SKS.

I recommend it. I gave it a 3 over-all for these reasons:

1. Short battery life. You won't leave it on accidentally twice. Not on the same battery, anyway.
2. CAN NOT put a cover over the front of the objective lens while using. (On tube style red-dot models, using 2 eyes open method of sighting, you can cover the objective lens in bright light conditions and still be able to use the scope. With this system, you can NOT)

Pros: Large view screen, instinctive use
Cons: requires tools to adjust, short battery life

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