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Nikon 7x50 Action Extreme Waterproof Binoculars 7239
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Nikon 7x50 Action Extreme Waterproof Binoculars 7239

I chose this binocular for my wife, who usually has a difficult time with setting binoculars just right for her eyes. The 7x50 design gives a huge 7mm exit pupil, which allows for a larger margin of error while bringing the binocular to your eyes. For that purpose, it has been great for my wife. She is consistently able to get a clear, unobstructed (crescents, tunnels, etc) view.

The focus wheel is smooth and easy to operate. The diopter adjustment is very easy to operate--almost to its detriment. It is far to easy, in my opinion, to change the diopter setting with general handling.

The optical quality is fantastic. Very sharp from edge to edge considering the price point. The depth of field is generous, allowing for less focusing error.

My only real complaint is the narrow apparent field. After looking through a different binocular that I have on hand, the Nikon AEs feel like I'm looking through a straw (ok, maybe that's a little bit exaggerated). But the view doesn't bother my wife.

The adjustable eye cups allow for easy viewing with or without glasses. Eye relief is ample.

These are heavy. Don't expect to comfortably carry and use these on an all-day hike.

The big 50mm objective collects a lot of light for nice, bright images. They are fun to turn towards the moon and nighttime sky. However, while looking up towards the sky, the weight of this binocular will start to cause some pain on your face around your eyes if you rest some of the binocular weight on your face. If you don't plan on looking up, then it's not a problem.

The objective lens caps are a joke. I can guarantee that we will lose one or both of the lens caps within a month due to their flimsy, non-tethered, lose-fitting design.

The included case is functional, but not very useful. It is good for storing the binocular, but not good for transport as there is no strap or provisions for a strap on the case. It does have a belt loop, but you will look like you are toting a fax machine on your hip if you chose to carry them that way--they are big.

Overall, they are nice binoculars for the price. The feel very solid in the hand and inspire confidence, and I would worry about dropping them a time or two. Nikon covers them with a 15-year warranty--not bad. Despite the Nikon name, they are built in China (but, what's not anymore!).
Pros: Nice Optics, Solid Construction, Smooth Adjustments
Cons: Narrow Apparent Field, Heavy

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