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Best police patrol light I've ever used. Period.

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Author: David Stults {!} , Police Officer Flashaholic, from Northern AL on Aug 28, 2011
Pros:  Hot center, long throw, precise spill, no dark spots, rugged, warranty
Cons:  Too big for bldg clearing w/ weapon, no belt ring available
Would recommend:  yes

David Stults wrote:

By far the best flashlight I have ever used for police patrol duty. Compared against my current carry of a 5.11 UC3.400 LFL and my O-Light M30 with extension +2x18650s the Pelican 8060 is the natural "go-to" light 95% of the times I exit my patrol unit. The 190 lumens are focused primarily in the very center for a white-hot blinding beam, but there still remains a very precise circular spill/flood "ring of light" that helps to cover the corners and periphery. Pelican's 8060 packaging states the central beam reaches a questionable 279-meters. Well, I can tell you that I can identify a subject and what he's wearing in detail at over 279-feet with absolute ease. The centrally-focused beam is very tight and bright enough to hold a spotlight much further than any flashlight other officers I serve with can even dream about. That includes Streamlight, 5.11, MagLight, Surefire and every other flashlight I've been in the field with. I recently searched for a burglar in a scrap metal recycling yard next to train tracks at 2-AM. Everyone elses light was adequate for searching thru high grass and piles of twisted metal when up close. When we searched the train tracks, mine reached out several hundred feet down the tracks like a pillar light would do on a patrol car, only whiter. The barrel material feels cool in summer and doesn't feel cold like aluminum in winter. And the grenade texture is plenty grippy, plus the switch is easily located by tactile feel even without looking. This light has the size and length to make tucking it under an armpit during field contacts very natural. And it's a dumb light with just ON or OFF (not the trendy and complicated Lo-Med-Hi-Turbo-Strobe-Emergency Modes). Compared to my UC3-400 LFL and M30 the Pelican 8060 penetrates car window tint at night where the others cannot. Pelican isn't kidding when they give it a six-hour run time. I work 8P-8A and have never had to resort to the 4-C cell backup feature available (an advantage which to my knowledge no other primary light even offers). It fully recharges in only 4-5 hours; I have a Streamlight Stinger HP that runs 1.5-hours but needs 12-hours to fully recharge it's old-school Ni-Cad batteries. Sheesh. Other than not supplying or offering a belt ring of the correct diameter, I really have no complaints about this light and after years of trying out just abgout every one out there I would buy another Pelican 8060 all over again and be excited to have a second one instead of some of the losers I'm stuck with. I've handed my light to other officers at 3-AM and instructed them to hold my light and shine it over there, and every one of them has commented that it's the best darn flashlight they ever saw. American Designed, American Built, American Warrantied, and when you call with a question you speak to an American. There's an 8-digit s/n on the light but there's no need to register the Pelican 8060 to get their no-BS Lifetime Warranty. Something breaks, they fix or replace it no matter the circumstances or who bought it. In fact, Pelican is so confident in their product that it's actually impossible to provide them your s/n to register the Lifetime Warranty. It's covered because the Pelican name is on it.

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