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3M Peltor TacticalPro Electronic Hearing Protector - Neckband Model
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of 3M Peltor TacticalPro Electronic Hearing Protector - Neckband Model

Sound quality and comfort are great. Battery install and controls are very easy to use. True to decription, these have a stereo sound and although it amplfies sound, there is a sense of directional awareness. I was able to hear, far away, coyotes howl clearly with them on yet not when I pulled them off. Very impressed with the amplification without too much noise. Normal conversation, no "stopped up" feeling but a sudden loud noise like a hand clap cuts sound off but voices still come through.
BUT:I am a hat wearer and shoot both handguns and long guns and thought the neckband would be great. Keep in mind these are not compact nor light muffs. They require a secondary velcro type head strap (NOT SHOWN ON THE PHOTOS)that is not big enough to go over a hat or cap and will not let a cap seat on your head when placed over the strap so "great for hats" is not correct. Also the neckband bracket hangs down lower than the bottom of the ear cups which makes them rub on a gun stock.

I have requested an RMA and exchange for the Tactical 7s with the headband. I hope the tac 7s have the same great sound but a little smaller size. (I'll give up the 3-4 Decibles for sake of the bulk)Regular muffs will "crush" down over a hat so not much of a loss there.

I could see these as a great set for construction, or machine operators that don't require a hard hat or any fast moving physical activity. I would love these at a drag race or NASCAR event where I didn't want to wear a hat.

General comment: I could not tell if they had the gell pads...felt like regular foam on the ear pieces.

Glasses wearers: These fit right over my glasses and didn't break the seal for sound.

Summary: Get the headband version (you have to use one anyway)if you want great sound reduction, quality amplification, ease of use and are not a long gun shooter.
Pros: Excellent sound quality and dampening
Cons: Very big muffs, neckband lower wire hits stocks

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Consumer Comments on Legacy Reviewer's Product Review: Pro yes, Tactical no. Not for Shotgunners or hat wearers Comments