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Using the Pocket Radar on the Trap field

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Author: Bruce from Beverly, MA on Nov 6, 2011
Pros:  measures clay speeds well.
Would recommend:  yes

Bruce wrote:

I acquired the pocket radar to use at our Trap field. First, naturally, I wanted to check the throwing speed of our various clay throwing machines. Using the unit according to the ATA Trap speed certification rules, the Pocket Radar met the operational requirements for both low and high power radar devices. I've now used the device on outbound and inbound clays. Speed checks on outbound clays from the high house, outbound while standing under the tower, violates the radar gun physics, as the clay passes through the radar beam at a high angle. Thus my measurements of the high house clay machine have needed to be taken toward the end of the clays flight, when the clay angle is flatter. However, getting to the roof of the high house flattened the clay flight, and looking toward the high house from down range worked fine. If you locking the Trap machine to throw only clays straight out from the #3 position, there is no problem checking speed from either the back of the Trap house or from the 16 yard line. Today I also checked several portable trap machines we use for Sporting Clays, and was able to tell a 2 mph speed difference between two of the same make and model of throwers. I therefore expect that the Pocket radar will work fine for setting up speed adjustable portable throwers. My ultimate goal with this unit is the use the clay speeds from our clay throwing machines, along with the shot speeds of my shot shells to calculate the leads necessary. I'll use a mathematical method until I learn how to shoot sporting clays well enough to estimate the leads myself. After my tests with the unit today, I have confidence I can accomplish this goal with the Pocket Radar. The manufactures said the radar could be used for measuring clay speeds. Given the small side footprint of a flying clay, I had my doubts. But the Pocket Radar worked just fine.

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