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RCBS Pro 2000 Auto Index Bullet Reloading Press 88882
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of RCBS Pro 2000 Auto Index Bullet Reloading Press 88882

I recommend the RCBS is it's manual index operation. After purchasing the auto index version, I fiddled for over a month to try and get the indexing operating smoothly. While it was doable for 45ACP, the indexing still seemed too syncopated and fast for smaller calibers. I decided to remove the index cam, and install the manual indexing star for my shell plates. I was able to operate the press much smoother, recover from mistakes much easier, and ultimately turn out more ammo. I don't think the manual indexing really slows me down any at all. If it is a bit slower you gain your time back by having less mistakes as with the auto index. Big Pro's for this press include: the quick change die plate, stationary powder measure, cast iron frame, and low profile/small footprint. Cons: auto index can be touchy. (I have ordered the calibration pins from RCBS to see if I can improve it any further). APS strips can easily wear (however RCBS will replace these free of charge), case ejection is touchy, no case feed system (as of yet). The Pro 2000 for me seems to operate best in manual index, making its main competitor the Dillon 550B. I I think this press is very intuitive and is less intricate and complicated compared to other progressives. The fact that one can easily change the press to manually or auto index is a big plus for me.
Pros: Intuitive Operation, stationary powder measure, quick caliber changes
Cons: auto index not so great, aps strips love em or hate em, touchy case ejection

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