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4.5 / 5
Easy To Set Up 3.0 / 5
Usability 5.0 / 5
Features 5.0 / 5
Value for your money 5.0 / 5
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RCBS Summit Press-Great Press lousy assembly.

Product Ratings
Overall rating
4 / 5
Easy To Set Up 3 / 5
Features 5 / 5
Meets expectations 4 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
Value for your money 5 / 5

Author: amlevin {!} , Military Veteran, Reloader, Precision Shooter, from NW Washinton on Jan 20, 2014
Pros:  Solid construction, Easy to use, Produces Straight Cases, Easy to maintain, Great Primer Catch feature
Cons:  The Factory needs to finish assembling and adjusting before shipping
Would recommend:  yes

amlevin wrote:

I was totally excited when I ordered this press. At last a press that was built like I thought a solid reloading press should be. No "Knee Knocker" under the bench, no primers spread over the floor, and the shell holder is easily accessible and visible. The unit I took out of the box took me half a day to do the work that should have been done in the factory before shipping. Every nut, bolt, and set screw was loose. The machine work itself was beautiful but the center column, where the upper pivot casting is mounted, was undersized. Had to finally shim it in order to stop the flex that was causing the bolts holding it to loosen up during operation. I have the skills and ability to cure this so I won't waste the money sending it back to RCBS. I merely added some shim stock to fill the gap. For those that don't have any shim stock then just clean out the casting with laquer thinner, wipe the mating surface of he column with wax and use some J-B Weld to fill the gap. When it hardens there'll be NO gap or movement and if the pivot has to be removed the wax will keep it from bonding to the column. Hopefully RCBS will recognize this problem and "tap the machinist on the shoulder so he can stop turning the column so small. I love the press, just don't care for the carelessness that was apparent when finishing this one before shipping.

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