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Samson AK47 Folding Stock w/ Ambidextrous Cheek Rest is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Samson AK47 Folding Stock w/ Ambidextrous Cheek Rest and other Weapon Accessories by Samson.

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Samson AK Cheek Rest - Not As Expected

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Author: OdinWiski from Chandler, AZ on Jun 8, 2010
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OdinWiski wrote:

I have a Polish underfolder AKMS. The underfolding stock makes the weapon very compact and quite a bit lighter than one with a regular wood stock. However, it's not the most comfortable to shoot. You CAN get a pretty good cheekweld with the stock, but to get maximum shoulder mounting stability in tactical stances to minimize muzzle movement and stay on target during rapid firing, the solid cheekweld you need is achievable, but rather punishing, especially after hundreds of rounds in a session. I saw this product online (although there were no true reviews anywhere per se) and purchased one from Opticsplanet. It was shipped really fast and I was excited to receive it. Opticplanet always provides great services. The cheek rest came with an allen wrench. To mount it, you take off the two allen screws at the bottom and push the stock rail into the slot at the bottom of the cheek rest, then put the allen screws back on to tighten it down on the rail. The two allen screws on the top can be loosened to slightly adjust the height of the cheek piece. The problem I experienced was the slot that the stock rail was supposed to go in was so tight that it was impossible to force the rail into the slot. I applied so much force that it completely marred up the finish on my stock rail, but I still couldn't make it all the way in like it was supposed to. Maybe it was just that particular cheek rest that was slightly out of specs? I don't know. But I ended up not being able mount it. I did try it out while it was sort of sitting on the rail 3/4 of the way. I found that it would not have worked well for me shooting iron sights anyways. Unlike the rear sight on an AR, the AK rear sight leaf sits very low on the sight block in relation to the dust cover on top of the receiver. In order to align your dominant eye with the rear sight notch and the front sight post, you have to have a fairly low cheekweld on the stock. A Polish or Yugo underfolding stock extends straight back from the rear of the receiver when locked up, which already provides an optimal height for cheekweld. I think a fairly significantly elevated cheekweld would not work very well with the iron sights on those models. For using an optic it would be beneficial though because you'd need your eyes on a higher level because of the higher-mounting optic. On the other hand, the higher cheekweld provided by this cheek rest MIGHT be good for a Romanian or Chinese underfolder where the stock extends back out at a somewhat downward angle from the receiver?? Although given that the cheek rest will be mounted in parallel with the stock rail and therefore would be at the same downward angle in relation to the receiver as well, I'm not sure how comfortable that would be. And I can't really speak to that since I don't have a Romanian or Chinese underfolder to experiment with that. Lastly, I'm not totally convinced that the small and slightly curved metal cheek rest would provide significantly more comfort on your cheek bones compared to the bare metal stock rail. I'm returning this cheek rest today for a refund. There are Russian military issued foam cheek rest (covered in leather or synthetic material) available on gunbroker and some other places. But those are designed to work on a different type of AK folding stock and wouldn't work with these underfolders. There are also some home-made solutions out there to address the uncomfortable cheekweld on the underfolding stock. Some wrap para-cord on the rail; others wrap a piece of thin foam pad cut out from a foam soda can holder. They are either "butt" ugly or still do not provide enough comfort. I bought a pack of bicyle handle bar black soft rubber wrap for $6.00 and wrapped 2 layers on the stock rail. It looks really cool and more importantly, provides a lot more comfort than single or even double layers of para-cord. And I can still fold the stock underneath :) I also put on a 2-inch rubber butt pad designed for AK underfolders (about $10.00), which helps provide a solid mount in the pocket of your shoulder when you mount the weapon and manage the recoil better. And it gives you additional 2-3 inches of length of pull if you need it :)

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