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Sky Watcher 150AR EQ5 PRO Refractor Telescope S11630
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Misleading Advertising

by Legacy Reviewer, Written on October 7, 2009
I noted some differences between what all of the vendor sites list as accessories for this scope, and what the Sky-Watcher site lists. I contacted Sky-Watcher directly to clear up the waters and found out that this scope does not have a Crayford focuser as advertised. It is a rack and pinion focuser.

Sky-Watcher's own website does a bit of hoaky on this one, claiming it is a "Crayford style rack and pinion focuser". When I asked which it was, a Crayford or a rack and pinion, they advised rack and pinion. Naughty naughty. Can't really blame the vendors since it's Sky-Watcher itself doing the false advertising.

This is essentially the same telescope as the Celestron C6 RGT, but they're charging $200.00 more for it. The only thing I can see that you get with the Sky-Watcher that you don't with the Celestron is the diagonal. I'm pretty sure $200.00 will buy you a MUCH better quality after market diagonal than is shipped with this telescope!

The OTA quality is probably fine, since it is essentially a C6 and they get great reviews. The mount is also likely fine, being the Sky-Watcher version of the Celestron CG-5 mount, although most reviewers agree the CG-5 is not enough mount for a 6" refractor.

With the higher price and the hoaky advertising, I think you'd be better off leaving the hoaky plastic factory diagonal to Sky-Watcher. Go with a C6 RGT instead and spend the $200.00 it saves you on a good quality 99% 1/10 wavelength diagonal. Just my 2 cents worth.
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