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SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Voodoo Hawk Tomahawk Axe
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by Legacy Reviewer, from United States, WA Written on November 12, 2013
The first reviewer was a moron. He should have saved his $40 and put it towards an English/Writing assessment for a college course on spelling perhaps. I think his hawk broke because the ceaders or maybe the predigest. Anyways I have several of these SOGS both the voodoo and the fasthawk. No, I don't have several because they broke, all are still intact and functional and I too put them through heavy use. The bottom line is two-fold. These are what they are. A $40 hawk. These are not $398 combat application tomahawks, although I would gladly put money on one of these SOGS to do the dirty work if it came down to it. The hit their targets well and they are well balanced. If you want something that will cut down a "ceader" but an ax. These are "TOMAHAWKS!" Part two, these are $40 hawks, and you can't buy a better hawk for $40. You also can't expect a $400 hawk out of a $40 hawk, but then again, if you are going to use it for something it wasn't intended, then the review becomes a bit moot.
Pros: Great Hawk for a Great Price
Cons: None...
Would recommend: Yes
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Tactical but not practical

by Legacy Reviewer, Written on November 1, 2013
So I bought this hawk on a whim thinking I would put it through its paces and see how well it would hold up against my traditional hawk. Of course if it out performed my old trusty hawk my traditional would have been retied to make way for the future. Being a hard core bushcrafter, I normally take new pieces kit into the field and abuse the item with extreme predigest. Better for it to break in trial rather than in a situation when it is needed right? Well SOG can't make a handle. The handle broke and I hadn't even began to pressure it. It broke after doing mundane camp tasks, like harvesting fat wood from a down ceader and splitting small firewood. To make matters worse you CANNOT fashion a reliable handle in the bush easily for this hawk. I ordered another handle thinking maybe it was faulty from the manufacturer. I took the newly hafted Voodoo out and it failed once again just as fast. Sure I have broke the handle on my traditional hawk but I have never had a wooden handle brake that fast. Even if it did it wouldn't be much of a chore to re-haft it. I guess this hawk would be all right for a weekend warrior to carry to look "Tactical" but if you think you may have to use it pay half the price and get you a traditional hawk.
Pros: Cool Looking thats about it
Cons: Handle brakes easy and is hard to replace, heavy, bad nylon sheath...
Would recommend: No
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