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Fire for Effect!

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Author: Gavin from New York, NY on May 8, 2012
Pros:  optical clarity, design, ranging reticle
Would recommend:  yes

Gavin wrote:

Fire For Effect! In researching this product before purchasing, I found very few customer reviews, and none of them were very detailed, so I hope the following will help someone else who may interested in this binocular. I purchased this binocular primarily for use in the military, to practice adjusting indirect fire, some spotting, and for practice with range estimation. I have also used them for nature observation and some casual birding. In the future I may also use them for concerts, sporting events, etc., to complement to my other binoculars (7x43 with ED glass) when I want a little extra magnification. I chose the Tactical 10x42 R model mainly because of the reticle, the design, optical quality, and its reasonable size and weight compared to Steiners porro prism military binoculars. I tested my two binoculars side by side over a couple of weeks in the mountains of Utah. One day I might stay inside and watch birds at the feeder (I got to see a variety of smaller birds; sparrows, and jays; quite a number of turkeys and even a quail), and another day I might take the four-wheeler up the trail and hike to the top of a hill to look at the whole canyon. It was early Spring so I got to observe in snowy forested terrain sometimes as well as dry shrubby hills. Construction This binocular comes in a nice black case with a soft separator to keep them from rattling around inside, and there is a little extra room for accessories like a tripod adapter and some cleaning items, and maybe a small notebook. The Clic-Loc neoprene strap is comfortable and easily adjusts to an appropriate length. There is a neoprene cover that goes over both eyepieces and can snap onto the strap on both sides. I decided to only snap it onto one side so it wouldnt interfere with the hang of the strap during viewing, otherwise when you pull it off it can end up dangling against your chin. To put it back on you need to flip down the side flaps on the eyepieces, and it takes a bit of finesse to shimmy the cover over them, but it fits pretty well (there is a cutout for the focus knob) and does its job: protecting the ocular lenses. The objective lens covers snap into the body also, and they fit and match the overall design extremely well. You can easily flick them off with your little fingers and bring the binocular up to your eyes quickly, but getting them on again is slower, like putting on a Tupperware lid. The side flaps on the eyepieces flip out automatically when you remove the neoprene cover, so if you dont like to use them youll need to put them back down. I do tend to like them, though, as that little extra light isolation helps me focus better on the image without squinting. Be careful when removing the screw-hole cover to install a tripod adapter, as its easy to marr the slot with the wrong-size screwdriver. Once I got it off I never tighten it down all the way, but threading it on and off with my fingers is a little awkward and I have to open the hinge all the way, which then requires readjustment of the interpupillary distance when you bring the binocular up to your face. This is not a big deal unless you are taking it on and off the tripod several times in a row, which would be silly. The good news is that the hinge tension is really nice; it doesnt move unless you want it to, and then it is easy to get just the right distance and leave it there. The focus knob turns smoothly and there is no play. It is very responsive and goes from close focus to infinity in one and a half turns, about two thirds of which is for focusing up to about 20m. The remaining half-turn of travel goes out to infinity but the knob is slow enough that it is easy to get a sharp focus at any distance. I should note that this is a right-handed binocular, by which I mean that I use my right index finger and push out to focus further away, and pull to focus closer in. It so happens that my other pair works the opposite way, so I use my left index finger for that one and I have to remember which is which. Honestly I dont care which direction the knob turns, but it would be nice if all brands did it the same way. The eyecups twist out in five positions (including all the way in and out), the middle one having a stronger click. That is where I leave it, and as a non-eyeglass wearer I can get the proper eye relief just by resting the eyecups under my eyebrows. It took some experimentation to find the right position for me, and then to rotate the side flaps to fit my face without twisting the eyecups at the same time. Once you get right, though, you wont have to move it. The textured rubber armor gives a nice positive grip and feels good in the hand, and the binocular balances well with my thumbs on the spots underneath. The weight is very manageable; I weighed mine right at 29 oz, a hair heavier than the listed spec. I put it in one of the side pouches of my rucksack and it balanced well with my poncho and MRE on the other side. For just walking around, the strap is comfy when adjusted to the right length. I imagine if I used a harness I would barely feel them there. Even considering I am still young and accustomed to carrying heavy stuff, this is a very packable binocular. The design of this model was one of the things that drew me to it. It looks like something Batman would use! And you just cant put a price on being able to look at something in your hand (or on your shelf) and say, Man, thats sexy! Optical Quality The Steiner Tactical 10x42 R yields exactly the bright, crystal-clear, razor sharp image you should expect from high-quality German glass. The contrast is excellent and the color representation is pretty neutral. In addition to my trip to the mountains I brought it to the range one day and I could easily see 5.56mm bullet holes in a black silhouette at 75m (.223 at 80 yds). You will never want for clarity with this binocular. The depth of field is not quite as good as my 7x43, but I would expect this because of the higher magnification. Edge sharpness is good and the sweet spot is adequate. My rough estimate is about 65-75% of the image. I noticed some subtle Chromatic Aberration (color fringing) when I was watching hawks against a clear sky, but only because I was looking for it. If Steiner ever makes a version of this model with HD glass, that should eliminate it altogether. Overall, the view through these binoculars is really great, and its a fun optic to use, even if youre just looking out the window. On the other hand, if you have gorgeous mountains and wildlife to look at like I did, it will bring a smile to your face. SUMR Reticle The main distinguishing feature of this binocular, of course, is the reticle. Steiner has come up with a very elegant and practical reticle, very similar to Leupolds Tactical Milling Reticle, or a GEN II Mil-dot reticle. The difference is that it is designed for use in binoculars, like the U.S. Armys M-22 reticle, which is why there are numbers in larger increments of subtension (10, 20, 30, 40 mils) as well as hash marks for smaller increments (1, 0.5, 0.2 mils). An observer adjusting indirect fire with binoculars will need to use these larger increments more than a sniper with a riflescope and a much narrower field of view would need or be able to. The reticle itself is easy to use, and can accommodate any level of detail the observer can see for estimating ranges. The reticle can be focused independently of the optics (using a dial on the right eyepiece, with the diopter on the left), however this third focusing mechanism does somewhat affect the other two, so unless you are methodical about it you may end up going back and forth a bit while getting your adjustments dialed in. There is parallax in this system, so your eye has to focus on the reticle separately from the target and switch back and forth a little bit. This takes some getting used to, but its not too bothersome. I dont know if this could be fixed in the design, but it would probably require another adjustment mechanism, which probably wouldnt be practical for a binocular. The reticle also has a fixed orientation relative to the body, so depending on the interpupillary distance you use, you may have to cant the binocular ever so slightly. But unless youre always ranging targets with straight lines perpendicular to the earth, youll have to cant the reticle anyway. It seems to be level with the body at about 66mm, which is about what I use, and I have an average face. Leupold makes a similar binocular with a reticle that you can rotate, which I have not tested. I chose the Steiner because the issue really isnt a big deal, and I felt the optics are slightly superior. (It certainly looks cooler!) One important thing to remember is that your ability to use the reticle will only be as good as your stabilization of the binocular. From a standing position, holding it up to my eyes normally, I can only range to about a 0.5 to 1 mil resolution. Practice helps, but for the most precise range estimation using tenths of mils, you will need to stabilize the binocular somehow, preferably on a tripod, but at least by resting your elbows on something. Summary I researched this purchase for a long time and now that I pulled the trigger I am extremely happy with the binocular. I look forward to many years of use this optic.

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