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Steiner 15x80 M80 Military Binoculars
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Steiner 15x80 M80 Military Binoculars

I consider my purchase of Steiner Senator 15x80 Binoculars as one of the worst buys of my life and I'll tell you why. Though the optics were fine and views were enjoyed, eventually they were bumped out of collimation (alignment) and they needed an adjustment so the two sides would work together again.
This is not unusual and it happens sometimes. What is unusual is that these high-dollar binoculars are considered unserviceable, not only by most independent optical repair centers, but by Steiner themselves! I tried to have Steiner Repair in Greeley, Colorado take a look at them and they said: Oh, those are too big for our collimation machine. We can offer a 35% discount on another pair of Steiner Binoculars, but that's all they could do for me.
I pressed them, asking: You mean you won't repair them? Customer Service replied: We will replace them under warranty, but beyond that we can offer you a 35% discount on most pairs of Steiner Binoculars. One of the independent optical repair centers I contacted, told me about Steiner gluing these Senators together, making them nearly impossible to get into to service. In contrast, most high quality binoculars are completely serviceable and can be kept going for lifetimes, as long as they do not get damaged too heavily. I compare this purchase to buying an expensive German motorcar, that one cannot maintain or service.
I wrote a letter to Steiner in Germany, expressing a desire to simply get these binoculars in working order again and offered to ship them to Germany for repair and also expressed my willingness to exchange mine for another pair of rebuilt Senators, but I never heard from them in any fashion.
I give these Steiner Senator Binoculars a one star rating because of poor backing from the manufacturer and their repair center and a poor design that makes servicing them so difficult. Skip over the Steiner Senators please, and buy yourself a nice pair of binoculars that can be collimated and repaired as needed and make an investment in your optical future.
Pros: Light for their dimensions
Cons: Nearly Unserviceable, poor company follow-through

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